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Create your Flipbook in 1 click.

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1. Upload your Files.

2. Customize your Flipbook.

3. Share online.

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Advanced Features

Download a PDF into flipbook is just the first step. Customize it with background, links and show your creation to everyone.

PDF, Office and Photos

Combine PDF, Office documents and photos into beautiful Flipbooks.


Personalize your background Flipbook to match any mood or style.

Privacy & Social

Your Flipbooks are private until you choose to share them.

Mobile Friendly

Reach your audiences on all devices : PC, MacOS, Androïd and iOS supported.

No registration Required

Sign up for free to enjoy our full file sharing features, but you can also simply upload and share without registration.

Website integration

Embed the full digital catalog into your website and keep customers on your site.

Full control of your Flipbooks for Professionnals.

Your logo, advanced links management, your metrics and much more.
Seamless integration on your very own website.

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