Create your Catalog in 1 click.

Create your Catalog in 1 click.

1. Upload your Files.     2. Add a title.     3. Share on line.     it's that simple!

1. Upload your Files.

2. Customize your Flipbook.

3. Share on line.

Sell more with your online catalog

Olympique Lyonnais on-line Boutique.

Discover the new OL Accessory Catalog, made by FLEEPIT.

How to create a catalog online easy and fast ?

1. Upload your catalog

Import one or several PDFs into a sharing Catalog, get a realistic page flip effect, and an interactive and easy way to read. Give a title and immediately view your creation. It's easy and quick.

2. Customize your preview

Give a title, a description, add your own background and logo, and embed all your pages with links, videos or podcasts to improve the customer navigation.

3. Publish online or keep it private

Share the public link with anyone, anywhere or keep your publication private. Only you can see it, on your profile.

Join the loop. Sell more with your online catalog.

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