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SILON introduction
SILON was founded as a polyamide filament yarn producer
in 1950. At present, SILON designs, produces and sells
polyolefin-based performance compounds and polyester
fibres for applications in the construction and automotive
industries, for hygiene, medical and general applications.
Our experts have extensive experience working in the contract
compounding field, helping customers to develop, innovate
and outsource new products.

SILON has successfully offered high-grade PE-Xb on the pipe
and cable market under the brand name TABOREX® since 1994.
Since 2017, when SILON invested in high-end Buss technology,
it has been successfully supplying high-performance HFFR
and XLPE thermoplastic compounds to the market under its
own brand, TABOCAB. SILON cable compounds are the best
choice for the production of power, renewable, control,
signal and communication cables, as well as automotive
and e-mobility cables.

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TABOCAB Cable Compounds
“Best in class”: XLPE provides a very low loss factor, a low
dielectric constant and excellent insulation properties (volume
resistivity > 1.3x1016 Ω.cm at 90°C), which makes it the most
suitable for Data and Communication cables. XLPE has a high
dielectric strength in combination with superior low-temperature flexibility, which makes it suitable for automotive and other
transport applications.

In combinations with LSF0H/HFFR jacketing, it can be used in
safety cable applications across fields. LSF0H/HFFR materials
have the same performance as standard halogenated materials
without showing smoke, high toxicity or corrosiveness of fumes.
These factors are the most critical, as lives can be saved in case
of fire.

XLPE allows service temperatures up to 125°C and short-term
maximum peak temperatures above 200°C without the danger
of hydrochloric acid being released, as occurs in PVC, making it
suitable for solar cables.
XLPE shows generally good chemical resistance to acids, alkali,
organics and mineral oils, e.g., to meet aerospace requirements.
Due to its low water uptake, XLPE does not show treeing effect
like polar polymers, and is therefore suitable for power distribution cables.

Quality Certificates

certified by TÜV N ORD CERT Ltd. | IATF 16949:2016 | ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 14001:2015

The SILON product portfolio
follows the latest EU trends


• Easy process and high-speed
• Excellent dielectric properties
• Balance of physical and barrier
• Lower compound weight
• Suitable for thin-wall applications

• Excellent fire retardancy performance



5.0 %

8.0 % HV

42.0 %

• Easy processability
• Customized products
• TPO and PE-Xb Solutions available
• Produced on high-end Buss
1.8 %


42.0 %



1.9 %
5.5 %



21.2 %

51.8 %


9.0 %
8.8 %


Electrical power is an integral part of the transport segment and its
importance will grow in subsequent years.
New technologies such as autonomous systems, e-mobility, sensoring, and augmented reality will completely reshape the entire
car market and cars themselves in the years to come. The trend is
already visible – in current cars electronics account for up to 18 % of
a car’s value with a minimum of 25 kg of cabling for every ton of car,
and this ratio is expected to gradually grow. Together with growing
requirements for safety, the rising requirements for T3, T4 XLPE-based and HFFR-based cables are expected to be reflected in the prices.
Usage of LSF0H/HFFR in railway applications is already a hot topic
nowadays to pass specifications in order to save lives.
Therefore, SILON’s activities will cover solutions for upcoming cable
products and will comply with the current standards and requirements of ISO 6722 in automotive under-the-hood applications and
EN 45545 in railway cabin & safety applications.



Single-core/multi core Cables
T3, LSF0H/HFFR cables

LV Power, signaling, communication for vehicles, tunnels
and ground

The power consumption forecast for the European region for
2030 is expected to be +30% of the current demand.
A similar projection can be assumed worldwide. Together with
rising population & urbanization and growing requirements for
high-voltage power, data and communication networks, the
demand for specific industrial solutions is expected to accelerate.
From power generation to data transmission, you can work
with confidence from start to finish when you place your trust
in SILON cable compounds.
SILON cable compounds are designed to provide excellent
service and long-term reliability and resistance to industrial
and environmental abuse, including extreme temperatures,
abrasion, impacts, tension, flexing or chemicals.
SILON compounds can be used in: instrumentation cables up
to 600 V, flexible control and Power cables up to 2 kV, Grid
connection cables.

The increasing share of renewable energy sources in
power production portfolios globally, the prioritization of
distributed power generation and onsite power utilization
have a tremendous impact on the grid design of buildings and
construction in terms of greater demands for power transmission
capacities, low environmental issues as well as safety.
To meet the increasing demands and minimize cable
makers’ expenses for the validation of new materials
in their products, SILON offers a unique package
combination of easy process moisture-cured HFFR XLPE
insulation, bedding and jackets of TPO-based compounds
specifically designed for LSF0H/HFFR low-voltage power
cables up to 1 kV and operating temperature 90°C.
Our solutions comply with the requirements of:
VDE 0207/24 HM4 IEC 60502-1 type ST 8
IEC 60502-1 XLPE

In the last decade, the renewable energy sector has become
increasingly more cost competitive compared to other power
Based on Lazard’s annual analyses, the level cost of energy from
solar and wind declined by 86 % and 67 % respectively between
2009 – 2017. The current limitation on renewable power source
is the lack of production-on-demand ability. Therefore, SILON
is carefully monitoring the current state of the area in power
storage Solutions to deliver the right product to the customer
at the right time.
For this sector, SILON can offer XLPE insulation and the PEX HFFR
jacket compound, both moisture-cured and designed for
photovoltaic and grid connection cables of up to 1.5 kV, with
service temperature -40 – +90°C and extended service life
(20,000 h @ 120°C).
These products comply
with the requirements of:
DIN EN 6332-1-2
ISO EN 50618
TÜV 2 PfG 1169/08. 07

Currently, our R&D department
is working on solutions suitable
for low-voltage power cables
in onshore and offshore wind

SILON Services
Development takes place in close cooperation with the customer. Our experts’ extensive knowledge and understanding of the
client’s needs, in combination with market requirements, is the
foundation for successful long-term partnerships. Our technical
experts can assist in choosing the best product for your specific

The SILON Competence
center also includes:
• Compound lines for small-scale productions
• Testing cable extrusion line
• Diverse compounding technologies including Buss
• De Lama autoclave – for silane crosslinkable PE-Xb materials
• R&D Development: Rotational rheometer, DSC, TGA,
GC, HPLC, Oxygen Index (LOI), Flame chamber for UL 94,
equipment for a variety of stress testing, Climatic
chambers, etc.

needs and can support you in characterizing your process needs
in technical terms via our research laboratory. To boost our competencies, SILON has made significant investments in high-end
Buss technology. We firmly believe that SILON will become a preferred partner for tailor-made solutions in the cable industry.

SILON, a reliable partner for cable compounds
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