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Setting the Gold Standard for Natural Beekeeping



Gold Star Honeybees


Setting the Gold Standard for Natural Beekeeping!

We are proud to be a part of
your beekeeping journey ...
Beekeeping is odd. “It’s sort of a parallel universe,”
someone once said to me. And that’s about right …
because until you become a beekeeper, you probably
don’t realize how many people you already know are
also beekeepers – but when you get your first bees,
they suddenly appear out of the woodwork. Where
the heck were they all that time!?
Christy Hemenway
Owner, Author, Teacher, Speaker
Gold Star Honeybees
PO Box 62
Spruce Pine, NC 28777


Little did I know, when I founded Gold Star Honeybees
back in 2007 where my own beekeeping journey
would lead me, but since then I’ve been privileged
to be a part of so many amazing beekeepers’ journeys
that it is nothing short of humbling.
We appreciate your interest in top bar hives, natural
wax, treatment-free beekeeping - and we wish all the
best to you and your bees.


Treatment-Free Honeybees

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature,
one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”
– John Muir


Gold Star Honeybees is proud to offer
you 3-pound packages of treatment-free
bees with unmarked queens.
These bees are raised with no chemical
treatments, and on small-cell (4.9mm)
foundation. They will do just fine in any
hive, but they are ideally suited for natural
wax hives due to their smaller size. These
are hearty “mutt” bees - Italian, Carniolan,
and Russian genetic mix.

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Gold Hive Kit


• Made of long lasting

Rear view with
roof removed

• 30 Gold Star top bars*:
17.5” long x 1.375” wide

The Importance of the Top Bar

• 2 follower boards
• 20 spacers
• 4” x 36” glass
observation window
• Screened hive bottom
• Removable bottom
• All wooden parts - predrilled and countersunk
Front view

A Gold Star Top Bar Hive Kit is made
of solid cypress - we don’t use any
laminated wood products. Cypress,
never needs painting!
All Gold Star Hives come with a
4” x 36” glass observation window,
installed with a super-strong nontoxic caulk. Observation windows are
standard with all Gold Star hives!


• All hardware is included
• Illustrated instructions

legs are removable as well for very easy
moving or for storage.
Two follower boards and two additional
entrances on the back side of the
hive makes splits and swams easy for
advance bee keepers.

Our hive kits also contain 30 of our finest
quality, bevel-point top bars, 2 follower
boards, and 20 spacers. It utilizes a
screened bottom and a removable
bottom board for mite monitoring. The

View of observation
window with shutter
in place

What matters most when choosing a top
bar hive? The top bar of course! A Gold Star
Top Bar sets the standard at 17 1/2” long.
The bars measure 1 3/8” wide in order to
accomodate brood rearing. Our full-length,
beveled-point comb guide reduces crosscombing; and the ratio of weight: attachment
is the best. Cross-combing is heartbreaking
and can destroy your hive’s hard work. A
quality top bar is extremely important for
trouble-free inspections of your hive. Do not
skimp in this critical area!
To learn more about the Top Bar go to
page 9

Made in North Carolina, USA.

Rear view with
window with
shutter removed

The Gold Star
Top Bar Hive Kit gets the
when it comes to
easy inspections, quality
construction, versatility,
and in-the-field lifespan.

It’s All About the Wax ... The
best feature of a Gold Star Top Bar
Hive is what goes on inside the hive
... Natural beeswax, made by bees, for bees makes for truly natural beekeeping. Honeybees
make “brood comb” to raise babies in, and
“honey comb” to store food in. This beeswax is
made specifically for the very important things
that bees do inside the hive. Sounds simple
enough, bees make beeswax. That’s the way
nature intended it. And bees know how to do
it best. So in a Gold Star Hive, the bees make
their comb naturally - and most importantly,
they do it without any “assistance” in the form
of sheets of embossed wax known as “foundation”.
Learn more about why we say “It’s All about
the Wax” in The Thinking Beekeeper - A guide
to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives.



New-Bee Double
TOP BAR Hive Starter Set

The beauty of our New-Bee Double Set is that not only will you learn
even more than TWICE AS MUCH, you will have EVERYTHING YOU
NEED--right in your own bee yard TO GROW!

Beginning your beekeeping journey with two hives can make
a world of difference to you and your bees. To help you get
started strong, we have created the New-Bee DOUBLE Hive
Starter Set. Not only will you learn (more than!) twice as
much, you will have valuable resources you need to support
your hives --right in your own bee yard.
The New-Bee DOUBLE Starter Set
• 2 Gold Star Top Bar Hive Kits - now
made of cypress!
• 2 Syrup Feeders

The Thinking
(regularly $25)

• 1 Hive tool
• Both Thinking Beekeeper books written
by Christy Hemenway:
- The Thinking Beekeeper - A Guide to
Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives
- Advanced Top Bar Beekeeping - Next
Steps for the Thinking Beekeeper
Advanced Top
Bar Beekeeping
(regularly $29)

Hive Tool
(regularly $25)

2 Syrup Feeders
(regularly $70)

Made in North Carolina, USA.


If you are New-Bee, be sure to look for the
Gold Star
next to additional items
recommended for beginners.



New-Bee Single
TOP BAR Hive Starter Set
The New-Bee SINGLE
Starter Set includes:

Spare Top Bars
All of our Hive Kits include
30 of our awesome Gold
Star Top Bars - but there are
plenty of reasons to want a few
spare bars around.

An actual Top Bar with
Comb attached.

What if you want to save a bar of
honeycomb for later in the season? What if you
lose a top bar?

• 1 Gold Star Top Bar Hive Kit
- now made of cypress!

Or... even better! What if you could provide a bar of
drawn comb to a new beekeeper to “pay it forward,”
and help them get started? When it comes to
encouraging your bees to build straight comb, the
Gold Star Top Bar works best! - Set of 10

• 1 Syrup Feeder
• 1 Hive tool
• Both Thinking Beekeeper
books written by Christy
- The Thinking
Beekeeper - A
Guide to Natural
Beekeeping in Top
Bar Hives

Made in North Carolina, USA.

- Advanced Top Bar
Beekeeping - Next Steps for
the Thinking Beekeeper
*A Special Note about Interchangeability and Gold Star top bars:

The Thinking
(regularly $25)

Syrup Feeder
(regularly $35)
Hive Tool
(regularly $25)

As one’s bee yard grows, interchangeability between hives is crucial! This one
simple feature - interchangeability - enables you to solve problems between hives,
simplifies all your hive management, and provides a wonderful way for you to be
able to support new top bar beekeepers. The Gold Star top bar will fit in Golden
Mean top bar hives and the former Bee Thinking and Bee Built top bar hives.
(Unfortunately, the reverse is not true.)

Do-It-Yourself Plans
Build your own genuine Gold Star Top Bar Hive from scratch. Plans include: CAD
construction drawings, material list, cut diagram, and assembly instructions. Metric
and US dimensions.

Advanced Top
Bar Beekeeping
(regularly $29)

Made in North Carolina, USA.


BONUS: Feeder plans are included. A PDF file is available for download upon
ordering from the website. Print copy also available.
NOTE: Advanced woodworking skills are required.




Fondant Feeder Frames

Sticky Board-Mite
Monitoring Tool

Set of 2 for Gold Star Top Bar Hive
How do you feed a top bar hive in
winter? With a Fondant Feeder! In this
feeder, the fondant is suspended from
above, just like a honeycomb, making
it accessible to your bees in winter
- when they cannot break cluster.
Fondant recipe included.


White, flexible, reusable
plastic. You can cut it with
scissors, and secure it in
place with thumbtacks. You
can coat it with oil, wash it off,
and use it again and again.


Spare Spacers

Swarm Lure/Starter Comb

Honeybees build their brood comb to a very
specific width, and with a hallway between
combs of 3/8”- the famous “bee space”

This kit contains a piece of natural
brood comb, the wire to fasten it to a
top bar, and a dose of lemon- grass
essential oil. Having this piece of brood
comb in your hive, and wiping the oil
on the inside of the hive makes things
“smell” a little more like home. Prevents
your bees from absconding!

Honeycomb, on the other hand, is made for
the storage of honey. Your bees will make
the combs in their honey stores much fatter
than their brood comb. Use spacers when
needed between honey bars! Set of 10



Are you looking for other folks near you who also keep bees on their
own natural wax? Gold Star Honeybees sponsors Facebook groups
so people of like mind can locate each other, around the globe. Beekeeping is hugely global and intensely local - both at the same time.

The Global group is here:


Top Bar Hive Tool
This top bar hive tool does all the
things that need doing in your
top bar hive. It slips easily between the top
bars to separate them as you inspect your hive. It’s
long and thin, perfect for the “windshield wiper” technique
used to cut away any comb the bees may have stuck to the side
of the hive. It cuts and scrapes and cleans when needed. Works
great for every top bar beekeeper’s inspecting needs!





Top Bar Hive Nuc Box

Honey Harvest Kit
Harvest the treasures of your hive with ease with
our Honey Harvest Kit. The Gold Star Honey
Harvest kit includes a long handled crusher and two
reusable nylon strainers for “crush and strain” honey
harvesting. The strainer is fine enough to remove wax
and bee parts, but it lets all the pollen and other good
stuff through, making your honey nutritionally superior
to honey that has been heated and/or over-filtered.
The bottom bucket has a honey gate installed for ease
in bottling. Simple and sweet!


Spare Strainers
Replacement strainers for use in
the Gold Star Honey Harvest kit
(2-pack). 5-gallon size - fits the
Gold Star Honey Harvest kit strainer
bucket. Pollen gets through, wax
and debris don’t. Re-usable!

8 Interchangeable Top Bars
Whether you just need to move some natural beeswax comb, are working to
increase the size of your apiary, or helping to launch another top bar hive beekeeper,
this versatile nuc box is going to come in handy. Includes: 8 Gold Star top bars, 2
entrance corks, easy assembly instructions. Gold Star Top Bar are interchangeable
with BeeThinking, Beebuilt, and Backyardhive hives. This versatile top bar with its
ultra-reliable comb guide goes more places and does more things!


$12 .00

Top Bar Hive Syrup Feeder
Starting a new colony often means that your bees
don’t have any resources - no wax, no food, no
brood, they’re just bees in an empty box! That’s a
tough situation for bees, and while we advocate for
bees eating only their own honey - in a case like this,
if you don’t feed them, they can starve before they
even get started.



Instructional Classes & Books

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Our WEEKEND INTENSIVE CLASS is two full days, soup to nuts, on keeping
bees in top bar hives. This inspirational class can travel to you. If you’d like to
know more about hosting a Weekend Intensive, you can request information by
emailing us:




The Thinking Beekeeper Educational Series

Item Description


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Total Price

The Thinking Beekeeper - A Guide to Natural
Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives
• Bees live on their own natural wax
and SAVE
• Chemical free, sustainable colonies
• No heavy lifting for the beekeeper

Advanced Top Bar Beekeeping - Next Steps
for the Thinking Beekeeper
• Year two and beyond
• Splitting for increase
• Supporting and pre-empting the swarm impulse


Total Price of Items

The definitive how-to and why-to books
about keeping bees in top bar hives!

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Online Top Bar Beekeeping Class


This engaging online class will boost your confidence and have you
raising bees in no time!

Please enclose your check or money order,
payable to Gold Star Honeybees.

Gold Star Honeybees
Mail to: PO Box 62
Spruce Pine, NC 28777

PO Box 62 • Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Gold Star Honeybees


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