Gmail - Re: 18 L 1177 Rosemary Powers vs Jerome Pintaro

Gmail - Re: 18 L 1177 Rosemary Powers vs Jerome Pintaro

1 of 2 jerpin Re: 18 L 1177 Rosemary Powers vs Jerome Pintaro 1 message jerpin To: "Cerne, Neal W." Cc: David Belofsky Mon, Aug 7, 2023 at 8:26 PM Judge Cerne, Your email to me constitutes an ex parte communication, an improper contact. Ethical rules forbid you from contacting me without contacting the other parties to this complaint, namely, Peter C. Powers and Rosemary Powers, and their attorney as well, David A. Belofsky. Your contacting me without contacting and copying the other parties to this complaint constitutes an improper ex parte communication on your part. You have violated the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which guarantees a right to due process to all those who are party to this complaint. Your unethical conduct relative to your ex parte communication to me excluding the other parties who failed to appear, who were in default as a result, namely, Peter C. Powers, Rosemary Powers, and David A. Belofsky, violated their U.S. Constitutional right to due process. At the hearing that you presided over at the DuPage County Courthouse on Thursday, August 3, 2023, at 9:00 am, in courtroom 2016, you prosecuted the hearing without the plaintiffs Peter C. Powers, and Rosemary Powers being present, nor their attorney David A. Belofsky being present. Their failure to appear constituted a default on their part which you completely ignored in court, and which you additionally failed to identify on the fraudulent, untruthful order that "YOU" insisted in court on preparing. You fraudulently and untruthfully order never identified what actually transpired in court on the order that you insisted, several times, on preparing. Your order was fraudulent, untruthful, and intentionally incorrect in detail. I did not request a continuance, you indicated that you were denying the motion because you indicated that I had appealed this complaint, and my motion to dismiss a void judgement was required to be filed with the Appellate Court, you specifically stating that you did not have the jurisdiction because of an alleged appeal that I was supposed to have filed. Totally untrue and fraud on your part, not fraud on the court's part, because you as a judge, are not the court.I confirmed in court that you were wrong, I withdrew the appeal within the window of time that was allowed as a matter of law. You indicated you wanted evidence of same and you sua sponte, on the court's order, continued the case so I could provide you the evidence that you insisted upon, that I never filed an appeal as you were alleging, that I never made any appearance in appellate court. You asked me if I had provided notice of motion to the parties and I specifically stated in court that I had sent notice of motion to attorney David A. Belofsky as well as proof of service, which was filed with the clerk of the circuit court. You acknowledged in court that you did have evidence of the filing, notice of motion as well as proof of service to David A. Belofksy which was filed to the court through the clerk of the court. Your conduct of presiding over hearings without all those party to the complaint being present, violated the plaintiffs' civil rights, and their U.S. Constitutional rights to due process But that is nothing 07-Aug-23, 08:31 PM

Gmail - Re: 18 L 1177 Rosemary Powers vs Jerome Pintaro

Gmail - Re: 18 L 1177 Rosemary Powers vs Jerome Pintaro

2 of 2 new to you. You did the same thing to my wife and I more than once when we were in quarantine with Covid in August, 2022, to which all parties, including you and your assistant, Sarah Rose were advised by email a week prior. You did the same thing on August 24, 2022, when you without authority to do so granted the plaintiffs Peter C. Powers and Rosemary Powers, a void order as a result of the court lacking subject matter jurisdiction over the plaintiffs claims under the complaint that they filed. You did the same thing again on August 30, 2022 when you illegally, without authority, without the court having subject matter jurisdiction, granted Peter C. Powers and Rosemary Powers, a void memorandum of money judgement. I downloaded the order which you originated on the same date of the hearing. Your conduct in sending me this email was wrong and I intend on making it of record by copying attorney David A. Belosky on this return email to you. Jerome Pintaro, defendant August 7, 2023, 8:25 pm. On Mon, Aug 7, 2023 at 2:23 PM Cerne, Neal W. wrote: > > Please see attached order continuing the above referenced case to 09/19/23. > > > > Sarah Rose > > Assistant to Judges: > > David E. Schwartz > > > > Neal W. Cerne – courtroom 2016 > > > > Jennifer L. Barron – courtroom 2018 > > > > 18th Judicial Circuit Court – DuPage County > > 505 N. County Farm Road > > Wheaton, IL 60187 > > (630) 407-8805 > > 07-Aug-23, 08:31 PM

Gmail - Re: 18 L 1177 Rosemary Powers vs Jerome Pintaro

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