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Editor's note

Reading maketh a full man Conference a ready man and writing a complete man
said Francis Bacon.
Reading can have a tremendous effect not only on a person's academic
accomplishments but also on one's personality. It influences your language and
thinking. It gives the reader an idea of the different places you long to visit.
Reading books can teleport you totally to an entirely new world of the book... those
who have tasted the joy of reading will readily agree on this point. There are
different types of books...in Bacon's words...some books are to be tasted, others to
be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested.Books are a treasure trove
of information. It is the easiest and simplest device to impart knowledge.

Jnanamanjari is an earnest attempt at driving home this point... encouraging the
habit of reading. The contents of this magazine by the students showcases their
talent in writing and our attempt to make them a 'complete man'.

Chitra Rajagopalan

How schools shape our lives!

Every morning we come to school to attend classes, to meet our teachers and
friends, to play, to eat together and to chat with each other.
School gives us joy and happiness most of the times. The school system educates
us. The teachers instil in us value systems such as caring, sharing and giving. They
allow us to make mistakes and correct us when we are in the wrong. They are strict
when required, but most of times they are our friend, philosopher and guide. As
Albert Einstein has said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in
creative expression and knowledge.”
In school, we are led into the wonderful world of the magnificent geographies, we
unravel the mysteries of science, we dig deep into our past to study the various
histories of the countries, we learn book keeping and mathematics and we are
equipped to become productive citizens of society, to help society as the school has
helped shaped us.
More important, the school is the place which establishes the discipline is us. And it
is not just education that we imbibe in a school; the icing on the top is the
extracurricular activities that we love in school. Whether it is participating in
sports, or learning music and dance or joining the debate and dramatics, it gives us
a thrill to contribute something out of our lessons and education.
And finally that thirst for knowledge that a school stimulates which stays with us
well into our college, and in our later years, is the single most important
contribution of why we can’t miss school.
I hope every student is using all the opportunities provided so that they become
better citizens of tomorrow. There in lies my wish and prayer!
Srinivasan K Swamy
President, NBGES


At the outset I would like to wish and congratulate the Principal, all the staff and
students of Kalalaya for this unique endeavour of releasing Jnanamanjari – the
school magazine online. It is very apt to do so at this juncture when the world is
going digital.
Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam said:-

“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides
knowledge, knowledge makes you great.”

Let me wish you a year of joyful learning with a focus on character building.
My blessing to all the Kalalayans for their good health and happiness.



Today’s education in schools is heading towards technology assisted learning starting from
kindergarten to class 12. The Smart boards, tabs, computers have become commonplace. By
embracing and integrating technology in the classroom, we are ensuring that the students are
future ready.

The online magazine is an attempt towards this end, keeping in mind the fact that there is an
attempt everywhere to go paperless to save the environment. Progress with a humane touch is our

I wish all the staff and students a successful and joyous year ahead as we march towards our 30th
year. I would like to end with the words of Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive and
believe, it can achieve.”

Let us keep the kalalaya flag flying high.

Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior Secondary School























“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working
-Paul Ryan
It gives me great pleasure to present the highlights of the activities of Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya Senior
Secondary School for 2017-18.
New Academic Session:
The strength of the school for the academic year is 1494 and staff strength is 90 comprising 57 teaching staff,
14 non-teaching staff and 19 house keeping staff.
Ganapathy Homum, before the commencement of the new session, was held on 4.4.2018.
Board Exam Results:
In the academic field the school has maintained its tradition of securing cent percent result in the X and XII
Examinations conducted by the CBSE in March 2018.
Science Group: (English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science/Biology)
1. R. Rakshith Vamsi

- 463/500 - School First

2. R. Anirudh (Ravishankar)- 462/500 - School Second
3. Pa. Harikrishna Achuthan- 454/500 - School Third
Number of Students Appeared:


Pass Percentage
Highest Aggregate


Lowest Aggregate


Commerce Group: (English, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Maths / Marketing / Informatics
1. Shreya Jaikanth

- 486/500 - School First

2. V. Soundharya

- 480/500 – School Second

3. S. Surya & G. Sri Sowmya- 479/500 - School Third

Number of Students Appeared:


Pass Percentage


Highest Aggregate


Lowest Aggregate


Five students from Commerce Group have secured an A1 Grade in all 5 subjects. Two students have secured
centum in Marketing.
Class X:
Number of Students Appeared:


Pass Percentage

All Pass

1. R.B. Amritha Lakshmi – 488/500 - School First
2. M.K. Tarun Kumaar – 476//500 – School Second
3. B. Rohith Kumar – 475/500 – School Third

Pass Percentage


Highest Aggregate


Lowest Aggregate


50% of the students have secured above 400 out of 500.
3 students have secured an A1 Grade in all 5 subjects. Five students have secured centum in Social Science.
“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is
the most important.”
-Bill Gates
KICQ- Kalalaya In Continuous Quality
Smart Boards:
We at Kalalaya are taking leaps towards making the school techno savvy. Smart Boards have been installed
in every class to make the teaching learning process more vibrant, interesting, interactive and enthusiastic.

Google For Education:
Senior classes are given assignments by their teachers using the Google For Education platform. This is a
tool to share and disseminate paperless assignments / study materials in an organised manner.
STEM Robotics Lab:
Another achievement, is the introduction of the STEM Robotics Lab, which was inaugurated on 7.7.2017. It
helps promoting hands on conceptual learning in children from Classes III to IX. The school has tied up with

Centrado Tech who are business partners of Jay Robotics and they have also provided the school with the
requisite kits and a structured curriculum.

The entire school campus is also WIFI enabled with a Hathway connection. The internet can be accessed
from every corner of the school. The smart boards too have internet connectivity. Fire walls have been
provided to prevent misuse.
Online payment:
The school has facilitated easy payment of fees using the online portal of the City Union Bank.
Electrical Rewiring:
As a further step towards ensuring complete safety of students the electrical wiring of the entire school has
been changed.
CCTV Cameras:
The entire school is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.
Ezine is a monthly, class wise newsletter highlighting the events of the month. The magazine is being sent
online to parents every month.
Achievements of Staff:
“Put your heart mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

Mrs. Chitra Kannan, Sanskrit Teacher was honoured by Sri Sanatana Vidya Seva Samiti, Chennai, in
coordination with The C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, as a part of the Guru Poornima – Teachers’ Day
Celebrations, held on 19.8.2017.
Ms. K. Mythili, our dance teacher was awarded the title “Nattuvanga Kalaimani” by the Annamalai
University on completion of the course in March 2017. She was also honoured by the International Tamil
University, USA, in the field of Dance in August 2017.
Our teachers and students participated in a popular programme called “Vanavil Panpattuthurai” telecast on
DD Podhigai.
Workshops conducted for the teachers:
Workshops were organized for teachers to empower themselves. Sessions on story telling, dyslexia and
behaviour management, learning difficulties and public relations from within were a few.
Enrichment Programmes:

Enrichment programmes were conducted for students on different topics by distinguished people from
varied fields like environment, career guidance, soft skills, education abroad, time management, anti
bullying, NEET preparation, motivation session and dental camps.
A workshop for parents was conducted on “Gadgets usage and its safety” pertaining to school children. Dr.
Mohan Raj, Psychiatrist, Ms. Sophia, Inspector E1, Women Police Station, Mr. S. Bhanu Kumar, President,
PTA, addressed the parents.
Ms. Sophia, Inspector E1, Women Police Station, addressed girls from VIII and IX on safety (cyber and
helpline numbers by Police). She oriented them on safety measures undertaken by police personnel.
School Programmes:
The school celebrated the Investiture Ceremony, Kalpa Kosha, Annual Day, Independence Day, Prize
Distribution Day, Sports Day, Saraswathi Pooja, Book Week, Magazine Release, Talent Exposition Week,
Shivanjali, Craft Bazaar, Thyagaraja Aradhana, Republic Day, Chip Challenge, Open Day, National Science
Day, Project Day, Teachers’ Day, Inter-school Basket Ball and Cricket Tournaments, Interact Club, Language
Day, etc. in a grand manner.
Yearly Meetings inclusive of the School Managing Committee, Smriti Alumni Association and Transport
Committee were held too.

Intra-School Competitions:
The students are given an opportunity to explore their strengths in the various intra-school competitions
organized by all the departments for students from Classes I to XII.

Teacher Parent Interaction:
PTA meetings were held on Saturdays giving the parents and teachers a platform to discuss the progress of
the students.

Tech Club:
The school inaugurated the Tech Club on 9.8.2016, for both teaching and non-teaching staff, as part of the
initiative of moving towards a “smart school” by the year 2020.

Teachers’ Day:
PTA honoured the teachers by presenting pen drives, and chocolates to all teachers in view of Teachers’ Day.
The Management hosted the Teachers’ day celebration on 5.9.2017, for staff members of all the three
schools, at Lady Sivaswami Ayyar Girls Higher Secondary School.

Shri Srinivasan.K. Swamy, Vice-President, N.B.G.E.S, has endowed the Gnana Saraswathi Rolling TrophyBest Teacher award for teachers in his father’s name. The trophies were awarded on Teachers’ Day. The
winners were:
Pre-Primary – Ms. Indira Balakrishnan
Primary – Ms. Radhika Sekar
Middle – Ms. S. Rajeswari
Senior Secondary – Ms. N. Vijaya
Gnana Saraswathi Trophy - Best Teacher - Co-scholastic activities Ms. V.Sujatha, Co-scholastic activities, Excellence in Music

Seva Chakra Award:
Seva Chakra Trust rewards students of Class XII for outstanding performance both in academics and general
activities. This year B.S. Dharshini and K.S. Yaamini of Class XII were awarded.

Learning beyond Classrooms:
Field trips and Educational trips are conducted regularly for all classes, to enable learning beyond the

Winners of Inter-School Competitions:
Our school students actively participated in various inter-school competitions organized by Sekizhar
Research Centre, Sri Vidhyatheertha Foundation, The Children Club Society, Kalai Panpattu Thurai, Sishu
Utsav, to name a few and won prizes.
Eventful January:
Dr. Smt. Prema Kasturi, Member, NBGES, created an Endowment of Rs.50,000/- in memory of her
grandfather K.S.Krishnaswami Iyengar, for conducting a Margazhi Cultural Festival in the month of
December. This year the festival was conducted on 12.1.2018. B. Madhumitha, our alumna, a promising,
upcoming Kathak and Bharathanatiyam dancer presented a dance programme. This was followed by three
short dance presentations by our students K. Anushaa, S. Sai Priya and M. Sandhya of Class X

“The greatest miracle of life is to give generously, and see how, what you have given returns to you
Munificent donors have made generous contributions. Contributions are continuing to pour in. People have
also generously donated in kind.
Our bankers City Union Bank has generously donated two computer systems.

Mr. B. Narayan, F/o. N. Sriram(VIII), has donated an Air Conditioner and also created an
endowment of Rs.15,000/- in the name of Sita Bala. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize
for the Class X student standing First & Second in Sanskrit subject.

Ms. Malathy Jayakar, has given a sum of Rs.18,000/- towards scholarship as I Semester fees for
Class I student for the academic year 2018-2019.

Mr. K.C. Raj Kumar, has given a sum of Rs.14,500/- towards scholarship as II Semester fees for a
Class V student.

One of our long time donors has contributed a sum of Rs. 45,000/- towards scholarship as Full Year
fees for a Class II student for the year 2018-19.

Mahalakshmi Nala Sangam, awarded scholarships for 5 students at the primary level on merit cum
means basis.

Mrs. Shanthi Vijay, has given scholarships as Full year fees for Classes UKG, IX and XII students for
the year 2018-19.

N. Muralidharan Charitable Trust, has given a sum of Rs.18,000/- towards scholarship for a Class II
student for the year 2018-19.

Lalithambal Charitable Trust , has given a sum of Rs.10,000/- towards scholarship for a Class LKG
student for the year 2018-19.


Mr. K. Radhakrishna, F/o. R. Subramaniam – Class X – 2016-17, has created an endowment for
Rs.20,000/- in the name of Vallalar. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for a Class IX
Boy student standing First in Tamil subject.’

Mr. M.R. Hari, F/o. H. Niveditha-2014-15-XII, has created an endowment of Rs.25,000/-, in the name
of Late Mrs. V. Vijayalakshmi. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for a girl student on
merit cum means basis.

Mrs. Kalyani Muralidharn, has created an endowment for Rs.50,000/- in the name of N.
Muralidharan Charitable Trust. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the Class XII
Chemistry Topper.

Ms. Akila Balan, has created an Akila Balan Endowment for Rs.6,000/-, during the year 2018-19. The
interest amount will be given as a cash prize, for the best performers (1st and 2nd) in the Intra School
Dance competition.

Mr. K.N. Venkatesan, F/o. V. Srinidhi – 2017-18, has created an endowment for Rs.15,000/-, in the name
of Mrs. & Mr. K.S. Narasimhan. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the Class VI
student standing First in English subject.

Mr. A.V. Sudarsanam & Ms. M.S. Jayasri, Principal, has created an endowment for Rs.10,000/-, in the
name of Smt. Rajalakshmi Varadarajan. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the
Topper in Hindi in Class X.

Ms. Jashoda Sundar, Vice-Principal, has created an endowment for Rs.10,000/-, in the name of Ms.
Prema Hariharan. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the Topper in English in
Class X.

Ms. Amsavardhini Sarathy, Teaching staff, has created the following endowments in the names of -

Mr. U.K. Mahalingam, for Rs.10,000/- - the interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the
Topper in Science in Class X and

Ms. Chellammal Mahalingam, for Rs.10,000/- - the interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the
Topper in Tamil in Class X.

Mrs. Vijaya Sampath Kumar, Teaching staff, has created an endowment for Rs.10,000/-, in the name of
Mr. S.N. Narasimhan. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the Topper in Tamil in
Class X.

Mrs. K. Jayalakshmi, Teaching staff, has created an endowment for Rs.10,000/-, in the name of S.
Subramaniam. The interest amount will be given as a cash prize for the Topper in Maths in Class X.

Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya has always been focusing equally in the fields of Academics, Sports, Arts and Culture. This year
also our enthusiastic sports champions and their trainers have made Kalalaya very proud by setting goals and achieving

As the wise saying goes –
“You can’t put a limit on anything
The more you dream the farther you get.”
- Michael Phelps

 K.S. Anirudh Kaashyap of Class I won the II Place in the Inter School Chess Tournament organized by
Kalaa Manjari, Chennai.
 M. Lingan of Class II won the X Place in the chess tournament organized by KQ Chess Academy, Chennai.
 S. Nithin of Class III won the II Place in the Chess Tournament organized by 64th Squares Chess Academy,
 Deeksha.B. Subramaniam of Class IV won the II Place in the Chess Tournament organized by
Emmanual.Chess Centre.
 Sarvesh Kumar of Class IV won the VI Place in the Chess Tournament organized by 64th Squares Chess
 K.S. Karthick Kashyap of Class IV won the V Place in the Inter School Chess Tournament organized by
Kalaa Manjari, Chennai.

 K. Kalyan of Class III won the First Position in the Individual Kata and Individual Kumite organized by
Wado-Isshinryu Inter Dojo Karate Championship-2016
 Sairam Balaji of Class III was awarded the Winner Position in B Five Jam Kids Battle organized by the
Indian Hip Hop Nation.

 P. Trivikraman of Class IV won the I Place in the Kung Fu Individual Forms organized by the 4th State Level
Open Championship National Martial Arts & Yoga Association, III Place in the Individual Kata in the 5th
Martial Arts Feast 2016 Invitational Kung-Fu Tournament. He also won the III Place in the Individual
Asanam in the 5th Martial Arts Feast 2016 Invitational Yogasanam Tournament.
 K.J. Harish Raagav of Class V won the II Place in the Kata event organized by Chennai District Level
Isshinryu Karate Competition.
 In the Karate Competition organized by the All India Boufuuukai Isshinryu Karate Association –
 G.N. Yashwant of Class IV won the I Place in the Kata event
 Aadithya Sai of Class III won the II Place in the Kata event
 R. Kamaleshaa of Class V won the II Place in the Kata event
 B. Neeraj of Class III won the III Place in the Kata, Kumite event

Sir Sivaswami Kalalaya has always set dazzling benchmarks in the fields of Academics, Sports, Arts and Culture. This
year has been no different. Our budding sport stars and their trainers have incessantly aimed for nothing short of the
acme of excellence. As the popular adage goes –
“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in

- Pele
We are extremely happy to present the report of the achievements in sports during the year 2016-2017.
The promising sports stars of our school have taken part in various competitions, won many prizes and have made Kalalaya
very proud indeed.

 In the Chennai District Championships 2016, B. Bhaskaran of Class VI won the II Place in the Kumite and
the III Place in the Kata and Kobudo event. In the same competition P.R. Sowmya Nrusimhan of Class VI
won the III Place.
 In the Chennai District Level Isshinryu Karate Competition, K.J. Harish Deepak of Class IX won the Gold
Medal in the Kata event, Silver Medal in the Kobudo event and the Bronze Medal in the Kumite
Shuttle Badminton:

 B. Priyanka of Class V was the Winner in the Club Shuttle Tournament organized by the Children’s Club
Society, Chennai.
 R. Amrudha Varshini of Class XI won the I Place in Women’s Singles / Doubles event in inter quarters
Shuttle Badminton Tournament, organized by Elloits Sports Club, Chennai.

 Sai Vignesh K. Bharadwaj of Class VI won the III Place in the National Scrabble Championship 2016,
organized by the Madras Scrabble Foundation.
 Sai Shiv.K.Bharadwaj of Class IX won the IV Place in the National Scrabble Championship 2016, organized
by the Madras Scrabble Foundation.

 S.M. Akash of Class VII won the I Place in the Floor Event for U-12 Boys Level I, organized by OLGA
Gymnastics Club, Chennai.
Basket Ball:

 Our school’s Senior Basket Ball team won the Runner-up Position in the PSBB, K.K. Nagar-U-15
Tournament. K. Gokul – IX-C got the Best Player Award.
 M. Vishal, M. Abishek and V. Arvind of Class VIII were awarded the title “Best Player” and 3 on 3 Medals
in the 3 on 3 Basket Ball Tournament, organised by DAV Public School, Velachery, Chennai.
 G. Yuva Adhithyan of Class IX participated in the 43rd Sub-Junior National Basketball Championship
organized by Basketball Federation of India, at Hyderabad, Telangana.
 V. Saran Raj of Class XII got the Best Player award in the Inter School Basket Ball Tournament organized
by the “Madras Youth Club Inter-School Basketball Tournament

 K. Chandramouli of Class X was selected for the U-16 Round Robin State Selection Matches.
 He took bowling figures of 3 for 27 for Sounder CC against Bharati SC in TNCA 4th Division League.
 He also got selected for U-19 District Camp as a special Bowler.

 We feel proud in acknowledging the gracious gesture of R.K. Anirudh Venkat of Class VI, a Kalalayan, for
contributing the cash prize of Rs.1,500/- won by him for the first time in a chess tournament to the school.
We will use the cash towards promotion of sports activities. We wish him all the best for winning more
accolades and laurels in future.
 T. Divyan of Class VI won the X Place in the 2nd Kanchi Chess Academy International Fide Rated Open
Chess Tournament and won the IV Place in the Chess Tournament organized by Jaigopal Garodia Memorial
Chess Academy. He also participated in the Chess Tournament organized by 27th CUSAT International
Rating Chess Tournament and was ranked 93.
 He was placed 243 in the 9th Chennai Open International Grand Master Chess Tournament-2017 organised
by the Tamil Nadu State Chess Association.
 Divyan also won the V Place in the Chess Tournament organized by PCA State Level Children’s Chess
Tournament, Chennai. He also won the V Place in the Chess Tournament organized by Perambur Chess
 K. Charan of Class VII won the I Place in the U-15 Chess Tournament organized by YMCA, Nandhanam,
Chennai and also won the I Place in the Chess Tournament conducted by JJ Chess Academy.
 Aswin Arun of Class VII won the I Place in the Emmanual.Chess Tournament.
 Sairam.B.Subramaniam of Class VII won the I Place in the U-11, II Place in the U-13 and U-15 in the Chess
Tournament organized by Emmanual Chess Center. He also won the III Place in the Chess Competition

organized by Shakthi Chess Academy, III Place at the Leo School organized by Genius Kids State Level
Chess Tournament.
Table Tennis:

 Sai Vignesh K. Bharadwaj of Class VI won the Runner-up Position in the U-12, Semifinalist in the U-14 and
U-18, Table Tennis Tournament organized by Kalaimagal Vidyalaya Mat.Hr.Sec.School.
 Sai Vignesh.K. Bharadwaj was also placed the Semi-Finalist in the event of Lucky Doubles City Schools
Table Tennis Tournament-2017, organized by Freight Bridge Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

 S.P. Sundaraselvam of Class IX won the Runner-up Position in the U-14 (Non-Ranking) Tennis Tournament
2016, organized by Sri Ramachandra Tennis Coaching Centre, Chennai.
He was the Semi Finalist in the U-14 Boys Doubles Tennis Tournament organized by The Madurai
Union Club.
S.P. Sundara Selvam was Round of 32 in the U-14 Boys Singles Tennis Tournament organized by The
Madurai Union Club.
Sundara Selvam entered Quarter-finals in the Boys Doubles and also participated in the Boys Singles and
was Round of 32 in the Tennis Tournament organized by AITA Championship Series- Tennis
Tournament, Secunderabad.
He entered Quarter Finals-Singles and Pre-Quarter Finals-Doubles in the Tennis Tournament organized
by The City Tennis Championship Committee.
Sundara Selvam also won the Semi Finalist position in the Boys Doubles U-16,Pre-quarters position in
the Boys Singles U-14 and U-16 organized by Challengers Tennis Academy, Karur.
He entered II Round in the Singles Boys U-16, organized by AITA/Chennai Tennis Centre.
 Another budding Tennis champion Ashwintha Anand of Class XI participated in various Tennis
Tournaments and won the following positions:
She was the Quarter Finalist in U-16 Singles organised by Trivandrum Tennis Club and main draw in the
tennis tournament organized by the Singaram Pillai Tennis Centre
In the State Ranking Tennis Tournament organized by Krishnan Tennis Centre, for U-18 Girls, she was
placed as the Quarter Finalist

In the All India National Ranking Tennis Tournament, organized by Mysore Tennis Club. Ashwintha
was Round of 16 in the U-16 Girls.


 V.K.R. Nivedita of Class IX won the following prizes in the swimming competition organized by the
Tamilnadu State Aquatic Association- in the 29th South Zone State Selection.
I Place – 50m Butterfly / 4x100m Free Style / 4x200m Free Style / 200m Butterfly / 4x100m Medley /
100m Butterfly
II Place – 200m Free Style and III Prize – 100m Free Style
She also won the I Place in the 4x100m Medley Relay, organized by the Tamilnadu State Aquatic
Association- in the 33rd Sub-Junior & 43rd Junior State Aquatic Championship, the II Place in the 200m
Butterfly, organized by Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, and the II Place in the 200m
Butterfly and the III Place in the 100m Butterfly in the 70th Senior State Aquatic Championship-2016.
V.K.R. Nivedita also participated in the CBSE-Inter School Sports & Games Competition – 2016-17,
held at Hyderabad. She won the II Place in the 50m Butterfly Stroke and the III Place in the 100m and
200m Butterfly Stroke.
She also won the II Place in the 4x100m and 4x200m Free Style and the III Place in 50m Fly, 100m Fly
and 4x100m Medley, organized by Karnataka Swimming Association in the 29th South Zone Aquatic
Championship – 2016.
Nivedita won the I Place in the 4x100m and 4x200m Free Style Relay, II Place in the 50m, 200m
Butterfly and the III Place in the 100m Butterfly, organized by the The Tamil Nadu State Aquatic
Association - 33rd Sub-Junior & 43rd Junior State Aquatic Champion. She has qualified for Nationals
organised by Swimming Federation of India.
“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there”
- Bo Jackson

We the Kalalayans hope to participate in more competitions in future and achieve our goals.

A girl with dreams
In the middle of the night, the light was on,
She was studying on and on.
Book in her hand stress in her head,
Not knowing what to do, tears she shed.
But not outside, inside she cried,
That was the syllabus she had to abide.
She loved the subject, which was her life,
But without marks, she had to strife.
After all, she was a human among,
Well tamed ' intelligent' robots.
She wasn't trained to live in this world,
The peculiar place where rabbits are expected to swim,
And monkeys are expected to roar.
It's time we make a world where
Everyone embraces their individuality
And celebrates diversity.
Let's make a better world
For the rebel girls
And her,
The girl with dreams.
My Favourite place is the Museum. One day my father and I went to the museum. I saw a huge skeleton of
the Elephant. There were many sculptures and many ancient weapons we saw in the cupboard. I saw a big
model of two Dinosaurs. Pteranodon and Tyrannosaurus (T-REX). The T-Rex model roared and that all the
children were scared but I enjoyed. I saw a huge skeleton of whale and a skeleton of a horse and a human.
I left the museum happily.





An unexpected win
What I would like to express here is my sincere thanks to all the driving forces behind my achievements and a
simple suggestion. Just wait for your time too, everybody gets a chance. The problem is that not everyone utilizes
it in the best way possible. Work hard and One day success will follow. Until then, never give up. This is what I
believe in.
Here I am in 9th grade, narrating one of my most favourite incidents of my life. One day, when I was
younger than I am now, I went to a competition called Q Quest. It was an event conducted at someplace
and unfortunately I can’t seem to recollect where, due to this very poor memory of mine that I have these
It was around 9:00 in the morning when I left home with my dad with a clear mindset for participating
with my friend in a Slogan & Poster making competition, the only competition I had signed up for.
I went to that forgotten place where I attended the competition. The art competition was over and just as
I was about to leave, I saw all of my other friends who had signed up for different other competitions that
had different other timings. My dad suggested that we go to them and have a talk about their events and
ask them if they know anything at all about the prize distribution ceremony. I asked my friends about it
and they said that were clueless just like I was and that they were shocked by something. Once I heard
what they had to say, I was appalled too.
They said that everyone could participate in any or all of the events held there that day. I was very excited
by the possibility of participating in other events too. I bid goodbye to them and promised to meet them
during the prize distribution ceremony (whenever it was to be held).
My dad shows a kind of enthusiasm when it comes to letting us (me and my sister) participate in
competitions. Both my parents, for that matter, encourage us to take part in everything that we want to. I
think I might be diverting a little bit, so let us keep that aside for another article.
My dad quickly found me a spot in the Q Quest Essay writing event and there I was, doing something out
of the blue. It was an essay about punctuality. Thank god!
I was able to understand the topic. What if it had been like ‘Un regalo’? If you are wondering about the
‘Un regalo’ that I used. Let me just clear it up for you. They are two words in Spanish meaning Un for A
and Regalo for present. I didn’t know Spanish back then. Poor me!

Then, there was another door open for me. I was asked to participate in the extempore event too. Truth
be told, I didn’t even know what extempore was. I just knew I had to
reply to whatever they asked because it sounded like they were asking questions. Well, I did later find out
what extempore meant. I don’t really like it when I don’t know the meaning of any word. I want to be like
a living lexicon.
The Judges asked me what I would do if I ever visited or met the moon. I put out a big speech but here it
is in short. “I would ask the moon to come to earth with me and become a monument so that people can
love and cherish the moon in closer quarters.”

That was it and it was finally time for the prize distribution ceremony. I met my friends and sat down,
waiting eagerly to know the results. Guess what happened? We didn’t win in the poster making
competition and unfortunately none of my other friends climbed up on stage to receive a prize. Though
disappointed, I was ready to move on. Then, a strange thing happened.
As my friends were about to get up and leave, I suddenly heard my name being called. I was awarded the
3rd prize, a small trophy for the Essay writing event. That was not all…
I won the 1st place in the extempore event. I couldn’t believe it. I was really happy because there it was, a
truly unexpected win.

Bad Jokes
We all listen to, laugh at, and regularly tell jokes every day. The genres usually vary- from the common
slapstick comedy to the more subtle variants, which require some thinking to figure out. But, of course, as
it is with everything in life, jokes can be either good or bad. Obviously, the good ones are more tolerable,
and much better to listen to. But the point of this essay is not to point them out, but rather to show the
darker side of the spectrum.
Of course, I refer to their significantly less popular siblings, the bad jokes. Universally despised by all, these
jokes usually either subvert things to a point where it becomes groan-worthy, or simply forget to subvert
anything at all. Obviously, the latter is somewhat similar to the infamous “anti-jokes” (which in itself is
another genre of bad jokes) but with those, punch lines are deliberately avoided as that is their entire
point. No, bad jokes are done by people so inane and inept that they come up with something absolutely
terrible, meriting several moans of despair, face palms, and the dirty brown projectiles also known as
In a strange way, though, they often become so backward and twisted in their sense of “humour” and
“logic” that they somehow arise laughter out of the crowd. Of course, the laughter is, in fact, not genuine
in the slightest at all.

It is completely tinged with irony, as the crowd is caught off guard by the nonsensical attempt at comedy
that they cannot help but let out a slight chuckle.
One of the best examples of the bad joke exemplifies this perfectly. It is, and I quote:
Newton. But where is Oldton?
When first hearing this, the crowd’s reaction is usually some audible groans and ironic laughter, followed
almost immediately by strong heckling. Analyzing the joke, this reaction is perfectly understandable.
It starts out rather plain. Newton immediately piques the crowd’s interest. Sir Isaac Newton, the famous
physicist who founded the laws of gravitation, among them things. What could this joke possibly have to
do with him? Is it involving the infamous apple that landed on his head? Is it a simple joke involving
physics? And as the audience is in deep thought, going through the one word that has been elucidated so

far in the mysterious joke (or simply waiting for the punch line to be said), the zinger is delivered. And
what a zinger it is.
But where is Oldton? Absolutely drives the crowd nuts, and not in a good way. After all of that, it was just
a simple turn of phrase involving the name. The joke is just opposites- Old and New. Something so idiotic
and simple that yet, somehow, the crowd couldn't see it coming.
And in the end, that is the beauty of bad jokes. They start off quite simple, but deliver a zinger so dumb
that you cannot help but garner amusement from their stupidity. This is why, that, even despite their
terrible quality, they're still appreciated among others, no matter how ironic the appreciation may be.

Books are our best friends
Spreading happiness in our childhood
Books are worlds of fantasy
Which is constructed in our hearts.
Stories contained in the books give us
The greatest weapon we have,
Which is - creativity
Thus, books are like blacksmiths
Who shape raw metals like us.
Into complete human beings
And so, books are the greatest treasures in the world,
Which every human possesses.





Coonoor is a beautiful hill station and a tourist spot. It is a much sought after destination among both
domestic and foreign tourists. Contrastingly while the weather in the southern part of India is hot
throughout the year, Coonoor remains pleasantly cool.
There are three main places of visit at Coonoor which are as follows:
Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint: - It is a very famous viewpoint. We can see many waterfalls and a viewpoint for
the biggest waterfall. There are many monkeys in this place. You can also see a rock which is in the shape
of a dolphin’s Nose, so this place is known as Dolphins’ Nose view point.
Lamb’s Rock: - This place is also a viewpoint. This place can be covered within 20 to 25 minutes but there
are many different things which can be viewed from Lamb’s Rock. First is Sleeping Lady Mountain. It is a
group of continuous mountains which looks like a sleeping lady. Second is the Tortoise rock which are two
rocks together looking like a tortoise. Third is the Elephant Rock. It is a rock, shaped like the face of an
Elephant. Lamb’s rock got its name from Captain Lamb who found the above things. The last thing is that
many movie shootings have taken place here. This is also a good place for Trekking. This place has too
many monkeys.
Sims Park: - It is a beautiful park full of flowers. It also consists of a house of a big World map and a Glass
house. There are also some honey-bees in Sims Park. There are even many varieties of trees. The bushes
here are cut in different shapes.

Chess is a famous game played all over the world. There are two colours in this game they are white and
black. This can be played by two players at a time. The chess board looks like a grid with 64 squares [32
black squares and 32 white squares]. There are six different pieces in this game namely – Pawn, Bishop,
Knight, Rook, Queen and King. Each of them have their own value [points]. It is believed that chess
improves concentration, mind power and cognitive skills.

In the International Arena, World Chess Championships are conducted every year. Incidentally India has
produced many International Chess champions. The recent world champion is Magnus Carlson. His
highest rating achieved is 2882 in the year 2014.

Dazzling Daybreak
That dawn-lit view,
Every morning it’s new.
Something we can never live without,

Somethings are better just left about.
In a paralysed state of half awake,
I see him rising ready to take.
The weight of the entire world just rests,
On his shoulders ’cause it’s for the best.
Every breaking dawn does scream,
Another form of lustre.
This aurora breathes to life,
A hundred million clusters.
Monotonous, though it might seem it is.
Trust me when I say that it almost never is.
The first light of cockcrow falls on to earth.
Glittering her face and kissing her hearth.
-VARSHINI K IYER OF X BAlso refer to
kingdomofawesomesauce.wordpress.comfor more such works. (VARSHINI K IYER’S BLOG)

A unique profession
I don’t know how many of you are aware of Graphology or Graphologist. Yes, you heard me right.
Graphology. Even I was not aware of the existence of such a profession until my teacher asked me to do a
film for a competition on the topic – A unique profession.
My first step was to form a group of four with my friends who were interested in that competition. Next I
had to find the perfect profession for our film. One evening as I was walking in my neighbourhood I
suddenly noticed a board hanging in front of a building stating that it was the residence of a famous

I returned to my home and searched about Graphology. And Bingo! It was really a very unique profession.
The next day after getting an appointment for a short interview with Mr.Maghudeeswarran – the
graphologist, I assembled my group and shot the film. The following is an extract from our interview
which may prove informative for many.
Interviewer –What is Graphology, Sir?
Mr.Maghudeeswarran–Graphology is the study of, how an individual's handwriting and signature indicates
his or her character traits and activities.
Interviewer –What are the uses of Graphology?
Mr.Maghudeeswarran –We can improve a person's life by rectifying the weak points in his/her
handwriting. It is also possible to predict the diseases the person would be affected with in the future.
Interviewer –What are the advisable ways to put one's signature?

Mr.Maghudeeswarran –If a person puts his/her signature in 180 degrees angle and makes sure that
his/her name is not clearly visible in his/her signature, then the person is most likely to be very successful
in life.

Vidyatheertha – An essay on my essay
The first time I participated in the Vidyatheertha Essay Writing Competition was in 2012, when I was in 6th
Standard. I had just joined SSK and people were just starting to form impressions of me when N.Lalitha
Mam, my class teacher and English teacher made the announcement. I just thought-“Why not? It is just
like any other essay writing competition. Let’s give it a shot.” But I didn’t know that it wasn’t like any essay
writing competition. The first giveaway was the topic-“Importance of Guru Bhakti”. How is devotion and a
teacher related? The only way which I knew was the order of precedence of respect taught to me when I
was young-“MATHA, PITHA, GURU and DEIVAM”, i.e., first respect your mother, then your father, then
your teacher and finally you respect God. I did some research but I really didn’t think about it in the
spiritual sense. So I wrote about importance of teachers in our lives and how we should be devoted to
them and give them respect. After the essay writing competition was over our invigilator told us he would
tell us a little bit about the topic. He started speaking about how you can attain wisdom, spiritual
discipline and enlightenment by practicing devotion and submission to the Guru, i.e., guru bhakti, quoting
examples from Bhagavat gita, Vedas and epics. I was startled and overwhelmed by the sudden dose of
spirituality and deep thoughts that were “imposed” on me. As soon as I came home, the first thing I
planned on doing was to do some research about these theories. But I ended up having a relaxing bath
and stuffing my face with food, only to fall asleep the very next moment.

But I did do some research the next day, which was a Sunday. I found these new thoughts were interesting
and was soon drawn into the world of spiritualism and devotion and found a new meaning to the things I
saw or heard. My belief on God became stronger.
I have always had this question just like many others in my mind-”Does God really exist?” I realized after
my research that if god didn’t exist, we would have these other questions and those questions lead to
more questions and it would become extremely confusing and messy.
I didn’t know that writing a single essay would have so much impact on me. In the prize distribution
ceremony, I met many others who felt the same and had put in a sincere effort towards the competition. It
had instilled culture and tradition in all of us. I really appreciate the effort taken by that organization and
how they made it a win-win situation, learn culture and win prizes at the same time.
I believe a lot in sentiments. On the very first year, my father came with me as a parent guardian for all of
us. That year was very eventful as I just described. Besides my parents very happy when I won the prize.
From that year onwards every year my dad came with me to the Centre. We wrote the essay in Meenakshi
College every year. My dad came with all of us in the bus, took us in a queue to the exam hall and left us.
He came back exactly after our writing time was over. In those 1-2 hours of waiting time, he would read
newspapers, play chess or go to the Vadapalani temple. This was sort of his routine. He used to bring a
big bundle of papers like a kabariwaala. He would sometimes even use it as a pillow to sleep.

I have been writing this competition for years now. This is the last year of school and the last year I write
this essay. The nostalgia is already setting in thinking about leaving this school. It’s been a memorable
experience and will always be a part of my mind and memories of this school.

The regal rain
Drops of crystal fall from above,
Washing away the tears of these doves,
In unimaginable force do they fall,
All its sorrow fade on their call.

Splashing onto the wide arena,
Of flowing water, this wild ballerina,
Dances around until her feet,
Tires itself and takes a seat.
Gushing into the tiniest nook,
Like how it’s venerated in all these books.
The regal rain does possess,
A miracle to life’s lengthiest chess.
Artists rush to capture these notes,
Of mere water pouring from the big man’s coats.
Our hoofer spins and there she spells,
A ‘welcome home’ and hearts thus swell.
But then comes the big await,
Along with the shower that it plaits.
The peacock spreads out its beautiful feathers,
And twirls in tune to this beautiful weather.

Servant saves a shirt
Employer: Have finished ironing my shirt?
Servant: yes sir.
Employer: Then bring it. I have to get dressed.
Servant: Master, I was ironing and someone knocked on the door. I went to open it and when I came back
I smelt something burning…

Employer: Don’t tell me you have burnt my shirt.
Servant: I...err… yes.
Employer: Oh no! Fortunately I have another silk shirt in the cupboard.
Servant: I know that sir. So, I cut it up and patched up the one I burnt.

Cleaning the fridge
Employer: Have you cleaned the fridge as I told you?
Assistant: yes sir.
Employer: hey it is empty! What did you do with the food and the sweets?
Assistant: I ate everything. You told me to clean it. Didn’t you?




Amazing Facts
The elephant’s trunk contains over 4, 00,000 muscles.
The tusks of the male African elephant can grow up to 3.5 meters and weight up to 109 kg
One cord of wood can make 7 and a half million toothpicks.
Ice cream was invented in china around 2000bc when the Chinese packed soft milk and rice mixture
in the snow.
The tallest mountain in the world from the sea level in Mount Everest but, the tallest mountains
from the sea bed in Mount Kea.
The fireworks were probably made in china about 2000 years ago.
Helicopters are safest to fly in bad weather because they can slow down, stop and/or fly backwards
and side wards.
The golden gate bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the golden gate, the opening of the San
Francisco bay on to the Pacific Ocean.
North America porcupines are often incorrectly called hedgehogs. The common hedgehogs live in
northern Europe, Asia, southern and eastern Africa and New Zealand.
Sometimes the moon appears orange. This occurs when there is a lot of dust, smoke and pollution
in the atmosphere. The size of those particles will determine what you see. Sometimes the moon
looks orange, red even blue.

Inspiring quotes of DR A P J Abdul Kalam
Speak 5 lines to yourself every morning:

What is the significance of the Nobel Prize?
The Nobel prizes are regarded as he most prestigious given in the intellectual realm for exceptional
contributions in certain selected fields.
These coveted prizes are annually awarded by Swedish and Norwegian institution.
The foundations for the Nobel prizes were laid in 1895, when Swedish inventor and industrialist Alfred
Nobelwrotehis last will, leaving much of his wealth to the establishment of Nobel prizes.
How are the Nobel Prize winners selected?
The Nobel Prize winners are announced annually either in October or November.


The Heroine of Plane Hijack
Neerja Bhanot was a 22 year old Indian flight attendant who gave up her life while saving the lives of
passengers on board Pan AM Flight 73.
Personal life:
She was born on 7 / 9 /1963 to Rama Bhanot and Harish Bhanot at Chandigarh, Punjab, India. She had
two brothers- Akhil and Aneesh. Before being a flight attendant, she was a model, a purser and an adv.
actress. Her horoscope apparently said that she was going to be a hero in her life. Her husband was
Naresh Mishra.

The flight day:
It was the morning of September 5, 1986, Pan AM Flight 73 with 360 passengers on board. It just arrived
from Mumbai to Karachi airport to go to United States. Unfortunately, the flight was hijacked by 4 heavily
armed terrorists in Karachi airport.

She was the senior most crew member. The pilots escaped to save their life from danger. So, she had a
crucial time. The terrorists started asking for passports of the passengers to identify the Americans and kill
them because the American government killed one of their members. They plane was hijacked for 17
hours after which they started to fire on them. Neerja helped the passengers to escape through the
emergency exit but in an attempt to save three children from the bullets being fired, Neerja lost her life.

She opened the exit door first but she didn’t jump out of the door first. This shows her presence of mind.
She is known as the heroine of plane hijack and was awarded the Ashok Chakra award for her bravery.
There was a movie released called Neerja starring Sonam Kapoor as Neerja. We all should be proud to be
a woman and an Indian. Jai Hind!!!

The episode of Mahabharata that I like the most
My favourite episode was Karna’s death. I like it because the conversation between him and Lord Krishna
was motivational. This is how it goes.
During the fight between Karna and Arjuna, once Karna’s chariot sank into the mud. Lord Krishna then
advised Arjuna to kill him immediately. But he was in dilemma. He had something in his conscious not to
do it but he had to get revenge for his son’s painful death.
Before Karna dies, Lord Krishna wanted him to realise his mistakes. So he decided to pass the time and
spoke to him. I love this conversation because it was so meaningful and helpful for teenagers like me to
choose their life.
Krishna said that to learn properly and completely, you need not work hard but you need to surrender
your heart to your Guru. He explained this concept with Lord Parasurama’s life. And at the shishya stage,
we should know to use our talent for the world. Karna said that the world discouraged him, so he grow
heartlessly and wanted to defeat Arjuna.
Lord Krishna told him, if you don't think in selfish way and thought in selfless way you would be great
now. The person who lives for the world will get a great position in the world, but the person who lives for
himself will spoil the world.

Karna asked lord Krishna that why is life really harsh and sad to him. Lord Krishna answered that
everybody has challenges in life. Life is not fair on anybody. The other meaning of life is challenge. We
need to know which path to take in life. Learn to walk on the path of consciousness. Life’s unfairness does
not give you license to walk the wrong path
And then, Karna accepted his mistakes and died in the war. I learnt a lot from this episode. Here is the
summary of it:
Give your heart to your Guru and believe him.
Use your talent, Power, etc., for the world.
Live for the goodness of the world, not for yourself.
Life is full of challenges which are equal to all.
Listen to your conscious and not to your heart.
(This essay has won Super Prize in Sri Vidyatheertha Foundation’s essay writing competition - junior level 2018)

The Call from the Wild
Stranded, tired and starved,
I walked right past the bar.
With a broken heart and endless wounds,
On the darkest night that housed no moon.
“Careful! Careful! Don’t go further!
It’s not what you think, it’s completely another.
Barbaric, murderous and entirely wild,
It’s not a joke so don’t let this slide,”
Said a few great souls, but no!
I was too drawn to just not go.
Faster and faster I paced towards
Ignoring them all… all their words.
An illusion it was, a never understood concept.
Amateurs we all are, the fact we’re too inept.
Stumbled from rocks and stones all raw,
It struck me really late but then I saw.

The call from the wild,
Is indeed never mild,
Indeed never mine.

So at least, never mind.

Change always adds up a new flavour to life
Once there were four girls, Seema, Monica, Alka and Yasmin. They all lived in the same locality. They went
to the same school. They used to go to school together.
Vacations were about to come. Seema said, “Why do we have Holidays? It was so nice in School. I like
going to school“. Alka said, “Vacations are fun, full of enjoyment. I like it. Every vacation we go our
granny’s place. All our cousins come there and we have a great time together. I have a lot to look forward
to in this vacation“. Yasmin said her father has promised to take them to Singapore this time. “I am too
very excited about it“. Monica said, “I am not going anywhere as my parents are too busy with their work,
but my aunt is going to come here and my mother has promised me to put me and my cousin in a
summer camp.”
Each one had their vacation planned and they all were looking forward happily to have a whale of fun. But
to Seema vacations were boring. Seema liked being at school with her friends. At home she had a younger
brother Sameer. She never liked spending time with him. She wondered how come her friends were so
happy to be with their cousins. She always found the younger ones too demanding and the elder ones too
bossy. She always liked to be with people of her own age.
The vacations started and the friends bid goodbyes to each other. Seema went home with a dull face. Her
mother asked her what the problem was. She said she would miss her friends a lot.
Seema‘s mother tried to comfort her by saying that’s it was just a matter of time and soon she will see
them again once her vacation was over. Till then even she can play with her cousins and Sameer is just six
months old and she can have a great time playing with him.
Seema was the only child till Sameer came in. Since her mother had some health problems, her mother
was staying at her maternal grandmother’s place and Seema was staying with her father and her paternal
grandmother. She hated her mother for leaving her and she hated Sameer even more. She started
avoiding him and remained confined to her room and always chatted a lot with her grandmother.

Her mother realized it and felt that it’s just the matter of time and time would heal the difference between
Next morning Seema woke up hearing the loud wail of Sameer, she got irritated and tried to sleep, but
couldn’t. She finished her morning routines and was wondering what to do, just then Sameer came
crawling and with his meaningless gurgling. He sounded very cute and sweet, but Seema just ignored him.
He came and sat near the sofa where Seema was sitting. Seema was unaware of it. Just then his drool
wetted her toe. She bent down to see what it was and there, baby Sameer was staring at her with the
cutest expression in his face. Unaware she smiled back, she couldn’t resist, she touched him and all her
hatred was gone. She lifted him up and tears rolled down her cheeks. She wondered how she could ever

have developed such a hatred for this tiny little baby who was but a bundle of joy and the sweetest thing
she has ever seen in this world. She hugged him and cried her heart out and started playing with him.
Hearing the sound her mom came out from the kitchen. Her mom was delighted to see the change on the
very first day of the vacation. It was indeed a good beginning. Seema realized that a pleasant vacation is
indeed here to stay.
After the vacations when the friends all met once again. They were all eager to share their experiences and
had a lot to talk about. And as for Seema, she just went totally gaga for her brother and invited all her
friends home after school to meet him.

Interesting science facts
1) Oxygen is pale blue in its liquid and solid forms.
2) The letter ‘J’ never appears in the periodic table.
3) Bananas are slightly radioactive.
4) Hot water freezes faster than cold water.
5) Cold water gets heated faster than hot water.
6) There are more trees on earth than the stars in the universe.
7) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have the potential to rain diamonds.
8) Water can exist in 3 states at the same time. This phenomenon is known as Triple Boil. It needs special
conditions to form.
9) Helium when cooled to extreme temperatures (-460*F or -273*C), can flow without friction, working
against gravity.
10) The energy released by a solar flare is equal to 100 megaton atomic bombs.
11) About half of the human body consists of bacteria. The human body has 30 trillion human cells and 39
trillion bacteria cells.
12) According to a 2015 study by the Cambridge University, mankind may have evolved from genes from
plants. Researchers accept that 1 % of the human genome could have been acquired from plants.

My zoo day
Last summer, I went to Vandalur Zoo with my mum and dad. There were many wild animals. I saw some
Lions sitting quietly. I saw some Tigers making noises, Hippos inside the water. I saw a Giraffe eating
leaves and many monkeys swinging from tree to tree. I saw some birds and parrots chirping. I saw some
cheetahs roaming around. I had lots of fun there.


India is my country. There are 29 states in India .People from many religions, different cultures, speaking
many languages are in India. That is why India is called a “Secular country”. She is also famous for the
saying “Unity in Diversity” for the same reason. The national anthem of India is “Jana Gana Mana”, the
national animal is “Tiger”, national flower is “Lotus”, national bird is “Peacock” and national sport is
Many great people like Aryabhata, Srinivasa Ramanujam, C V Raman, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami
Vivekananda, and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam are Indians. I love my country very much. I am proud to be an
Jai Hind!!

My favourite scientist
The scientist I admire most is SirJagadish Chandra Bose. Professor
JagadishChandra was an eminent scientist. Born on November 30, 1858 in East
Bengal, he began his early education in a village school at Faridpore. At the age
of twelve Jagadish Chandra was admitted into Hare school and later sent to St,
Xavier’s school. He passed the entrance examination from there and graduated
from St Xavier’s College in 1880. Next he proceeded to England for higher
studies, in 1884, he passed the Natural science Tripos of the Cambridge
University and was awarded the D.Sc. degree of the London University in 1886.
Later, he was appointed the Professor of Physics, Presidency College, Calcutta
where he served till his retirement. Jagadish Chandra’s first researches were on
ether and electricity. He was the first man to produce electric waves. Bose’s next
researches were on the similarity between living and non-living matters. With the help of instruments
made by himself he proved that plants live and feel pleasure and pain like animals. Honours were
showered upon him from all corners. In 1920, he was elected the fellow of the Royal Society of London.
The Government of India Knighted him and his countrymen began to call him the Acharya.


Revealing to Relieve
The fire that burns in your brown eyes,
Keeps me going… past wild lies.
I dissolve in that bright fume,
Home it is, soft as a plume.
The very sight of you elevates,
My heart and thus it chooses to bail,
On my senses and composure,
Every time your words draw closer.
The beauty of your very existence,
Glints off my two broke lenses.
In this dark pit of oblivion,
I now see my chosen Valerian.

So, go ahead and just say,
Because I promise to forever stay.
You’re a cup o’ chai on the coldest evening,
And the only dream that’s worth believing.
I’ve breathed my heart onto paper,
But let’s not pause, I am no Taylor.
Its endless exhibition of you it sealed,
And now, at last, it’s finally revealed.

Quotes are Quotes no one can change it
Impossible is the word found only in the dictionaries of fools.
If you build an army of 100 lions and their leader is a dog, in any fight, the lions will die like a dog. But if
you build an army of dogs and their leader is a lion, all dogs will fight like a lion.
If you want to shine like a sun, first you have to burn like it.
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
When you are happy you enjoy the music, but when you are sad you understand the lyrics.
A good friend knows your good stories, a best friend has lived them with you.
When you are sad you do whatever you want. When you are happy you do what you want.

When you are a star why go for another?

Music, a life of joy,
A life that is always enjoyed.
It has a lot of chords,
That stimulates our spinal cord.
It is a word of tunes,
Which for us is a real boon.
It is made of various notes,
In which our mighty heart soaks.
The blissful encyclopedia of eternal thoughts,
I need to inculcate this art lots and lots.

She is the name of love,
To which everyone bow.
She is the real entity of goddess,
For everyone including the modest.
She helps the child to clear his mind,
By preaching him to be kind.
She is everyone’s dear,
She controls the fear.
I don’t know how to pay,
For her selfless day.

Teacher: Ram, why were you absent from school,
Ram: I was sick, teacher.
Teacher: Sick of what?
Ram: Sick of school.
One man to another in bus queue:
First man: Let’s go by cab. The bus will not arrive on time and
We are wasting our time in this long queue.
Second man: But I am not.
First man: How is that?
Second man: My watch stopped an hour ago and I can’t feel time flying.

Teacher: Spell ‘’wrong’’.
Manuel: R-O-N-G.
Teacher: That’s wrong.
Manuel: That is what you told me to spell.
Hari: Why are you running so fast?
Pranav: I have to deliver this letter immediately.
Hari: To whom?
Pranav: I am in hurry and have no time to read the name and address.

Teacher: Pradeep, Rama killed Ravana. What voice is this, passive or active?
Pradeep: Neither. It is your voice, miss.
Teacher: Which is the prudent animal, Rahul?
Rahul : The dog, mam.
Teacher: Why do you say it’s a dog?
Rahul : Because every time it sees a person, it request him to bow down
by saying ‘’bow bow’’ in doggie language.
Teacher: Now Linda, tell me frankly, do you say your prayers before eating?
Linda : No mam, I don’t have to my mother is good cook.
Father: Son, I want you to become so famous that in every corner of the earth,
Your name should be known.
: It is impossible, dad.
Father: Why, son?
: Because the earth is round.

The Wonders of Technology
As we know, technology has become a part of everyday life for all of us. The word technology does not
necessarily mean the internet, computers, mobile phones and televisions. The electrical appliances we use
in our day-to-day life is also technology. Examples are electrical fans, lights, water purifiers, air
conditioners and so on. Did you know that even our brain uses electrical impulses to make our body
work? But it cannot be considered technology since it is natural, whereas technology is manmade.
According to Wikipedia, this is the definition of technology“Technology ("science of craft", from Greek τέχνη, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -λογία, logia) is
the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or
in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of
techniques, processes, and the like, or it can be embedded in machines to allow for operation without
detailed knowledge of their workings.”

Instead of the large and heavy definition, we can summarize it as- Technology, or shortly ”tech”, is the
collection of methods used for either production of goods and services or as the main tool for scientific
invention and investigation.

We human beings have evolved from how our stone-age ancestors lived. Now that we have adapted and
adopted technology in our day-to-day life, imagine what you would do if there is a total power cut in the
world, which is very unlikely to happen, and all generators, invertors, UPSs do not exist. You cannot
properly see in the dark, you cannot have fresh air, or good quality drinking water. You would probably be
wondering why I did not use the word pure.

That was because the sad truth is that 100% pure water cannot be achieved by water purifiers like Aqua
Guard. The Earth was once filled with pure water, but the human race came to exist. As the rate of
development for us humans increased, the purity of water decreased.
Now let tell you about the positives of technology. In the near future, the advanced technology will help
create new possibilities for curing diseases which are probably considered impossible to cure today, for
examples, Cancer. Using a concept called nanotechnology, which is basically restructuring the atoms in a
substance to remove its disadvantages and to retain its advantages, scientists are currently trying to find a
cure to cancer where specific cells are injected in the area affected by cancer and the medicine engulfs
each cancer cell and destroys it. Due to the improvement in technology, the average lifespan of a human
being will be extended to more than 100 years.
Hopefully, technology must not fall into wrong hands who wish destruction of humanity. The US army
currently holds the most advanced technology, from nuclear bombs to devastating missiles. The main
victims of the wrong use of technology by the US army, the Japanese states, mainly Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
and other states underwent a lot of suffering when the bombing occurred in August 6 and 9 in 1945. But
this was not for no reason. The US actually had taken revenge for how the Japanese had invaded Pearl
harbour in December 7, 1941.
Instead of using technology for the harm of others, I hope that technology will be used for more
meaningful purposes in the future.

Indian versus Foreign Educational Systems
Indian primary and secondary school education is of very high standards whereas college and higher
education in India lags far behind as compared to that of foreign countries. This is mainly due to the lack
of infrastructure facilities and poor quality of faculty in colleges and universities in India.

In developed countries, educational institutions get lots of investments which help them to build excellent
infrastructure to facilitate education and research. In India, most of the educational institutions, except a
few, have very low investments and infrastructure facilities.
In the Indian education system, students cannot switch their major subjects in the middle of course.

For example, if you are a physics major student then you can't opt for varied subjects like languages or
economics in the middle of your course. In contrast, most of the universities in Europe and US based
colleges give students the option to switch subjects and don't limit them to just one subject.
In India, students select streams which have higher pay scale or higher number of jobs as compared to
foreign countries, where students select streams according to their field of interest. The education system
needs to encourage the interests of the students.
It's high time for parents to stop running behind engineering degrees. USA produces around 1 lakh
engineers per year for a $16 trillion economy. India produces 15 lakh engineers for a $2 trillion economy.
Only good, skilled IT Engineers are in demand. More than 50% of the GDP has no role for Engineers. Still
most of the Indian youth are becoming Engineers. The situation is not sustainable.
Many industry experts have commented that most of the Indian engineers are not having the skills
required in the industry. They have to be retrained for months together before getting deployed into
productive work. The education system should focus on building the current skill needs of the industry
and equip students with latest technological skills and practices.
The education system needs to improve such that the students develop high levels of innovativeness in
their field of expertise. We seriously need change in the Indian education system. In addition, we need
change in the mentality of Indians as well. Together we all will have to work hard to bring change in the
education system for the betterment of all the students across the country.
Benefits of jokes
In today’s world people are prone to excess stress due to a lot of reasons. Usually this is found in people
going to work and among students. Jokes are the most important medicine needed for us today to come
out from that stress.

The importance of jokes is that when people around you are either sad, in a serious mood or in a
problem. Jokes can help them to feel better. Jokes are basically the stories that bring laughter to the
people who are listening or watching. Once a writer remarked, “The most wasted day is that in which we
have not laughed. “There are various benefits of laughing and sharing jokes.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Jokes make us laugh and create a positive impact in our body. Jokes stimulate most of
the parts of the body.
STRESS RELIEVER: Jokes help in relieving our anger, depression, tension and stress and make us feel light
and irritation free. It also improves the mood by reducing anxiety and fear.

SENSE OF HUMOUR: Jokes help in developing a sense of humour. It develops personality by bringing urn
lighter side. It also encourages people to express their feelings without fear.
But before sharing jokes we must also ensure that it does not hurt anyone. So if you know any good jokes
share it with everyone around so that you keep yourself and others healthy and cheerful!!

JOKE 1: My friend said he knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.
So I asked him "What was the name of his other leg?"
JOKE 2: A man goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts."
The doctor asks, "What do you mean?"
The man says, "When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts. If I touch my knee - OUCH! When I touch my
forehead, it really, really hurts."
The doctor says, "I know what's wrong with you - you've broken your finger!"….
Source (iteslj.org)

I love history and I am proud of it.
Friends, Classmates and Schoolmates, Why show such hatred towards history? History is beauty at its best
and I would like to tell all those who disrespect this beauty that I can take this attitude no more. History is
not boring. History is not unnecessary. History is not uninspiring.
Isn’t it a mystery?
Kings, Queens and Revolutions,
There are both problems and solutions.

It taught us how to make the wheel,
It taught us how to fire,
Now we can smelt steel,
Now we can make a tire.
Indian, French or Russian,
Polish, Austrian or Prussian,
History is old,
But like pure gold.
Neither everyone loves history,
Nor does history love everyone.
But, history is very dear to me,
Loving history was meant to be.

My friend once said, “History is a mystery. It is like a story.” That moment I knew that I had found a true
HP fangirl (In this case, HP is History period, not Harry potter). The truth is, it is not like I hate everybody
who hates history, it is just that I don’t really get why people are frightened by a goddess like history. If
you ever want to know how to love history, ask a true history lover, even me. I will be honoured to share
my love for history. That’s because, I love history and I am proud of it.

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