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Forge your future

We’re passionately
committed to the
pursuit of a better world
through positive change.

Let’s forge the future,
We embrace our clients’ visions and aspirations, and partner with
them to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and

By the numbers


65 offices
around the world

Experience in more than

150 countries

600+ students 400 graduates
hired each year for
work terms

hired each year

We’re entrepreneurs
with a technical soul
Put your passion into practice with a career
at Hatch. To tackle the tough challenges of
today—and tomorrow—we need to draw
upon the world’s greatest minds.
That’s why we strive to be a truly
flat organisation. Every door is
open. We nurture a culture where
everyone can be a leader, where
all employees can challenge the
status quo. We are entrepreneurs
with a technical soul.
We support our employees with
competitive compensation,
industry-leading benefits
packages, employee-assistance
programs, a strong pension plan,
and various employee programs.
It’s not just all work and no play.
We like to have a good time too
and believe in upholding worklife balance.
Through our professional
development program, you’re
given the opportunity to build

industry connections and learn
from the best as you transition
into the working world.
The program provides invaluable
mentorship and guidance
through the first three years of
your career, and exposes you to
the work that Hatch does and
the clients that we partner with,
providing you with opportunities
to meet and network with peers
and leadership globally.
Success is best when it’s mutual.
That’s why Hatch also provides
training for professional exams
and certifications. We work with
the best and are committed
to supporting you in your
professional journey.

Work on projects
that are solving the
challenges of today
and tomorrow
Tackle climate change, social
inequity, and access to water,
among others—all while
helping advance societies, build
economies, and bridge divides.
Our projects span all continents
(except Antarctica), so there are
opportunities to work all over
the world.

A large portion of our engineers,
designers, and technologists
work in our Project Delivery
Group, where you develop
multidisciplinary skills and
experience, working on projects
in any one of our sectors.

Our sectors and practices







Project Delivery Group

Dynamic Earth
Solutions (DES)

Imagine a dynamic
One that allows you to make real change
and contribute to a better future.
Engineers and designers/
Put your passion into practice
with a career at Hatch. You’ll
have the opportunity to be
client-facing, and to work on
our client sites all around the
world, helping them bring their
visions to life. If you imagine a
dynamic career, one that allows
you to make real change and
contribute to a better future,
then Hatch is the place for
you. We’re entrepreneurs with
a technical soul–inspired to
never stop thinking about how
to make a difference in the
world. But we’re also grounded,
balancing decades of global
experience with imagination
and innovation to create
practical solutions for today.

Other professionals
Accounting, administrative,
communications, finance,
human resources, IT, legal,
and marketing—these internal
teams are critical to our success,
touching every aspect of our
business. Are you looking to
be a leader in your field? Gain
unique experience and bring
new ideas to fruition with
corporate jobs at Hatch.

Gain real-world
Student opportunities

Graduate opportunities

All over the world, hundreds of
students join our teams every
year for co-op or work terms,
internships, and vacation or
summer programs both in office
and at our client sites.

Graduate jobs at Hatch offer the
opportunity to build relationships
with renowned experts, explore
different careers, and champion
great initiatives.

Here, you’ll gain experience in a
variety of roles and industries,
network with experts, and foster
connections that will help you
enter the workforce.

For graduates and engineersin-training, we have one of the
industry’s best professional
development programs. You’ll get
frequent feedback and continuing
education support. We’ll help you
cultivate your network of mentors
and provide ongoing social and
practical learning opportunities
and training.

Join a company
that cares
We assist and contribute to our local communities in areas including
clean energy, student education, and philanthropic efforts. We’re
committed to supporting causes that are near and dear to us: access to
education, empowering youth to pursue STEM, and overcoming social
inequities. We encourage our employees to champion causes that they
are passionate about. In fact, it’s how many of our most successful
philanthropic efforts began.

Funds raised globally for charities last year was

More than $2.25 million in bursaries and scholarships
awarded globally each year

$500K+ in bursaries and scholarships awarded to
underrepresented peoples globally

$2 million

Diversity and inclusion
We’re committed to diversity and inclusion for the simple belief
that a diverse and inclusive work environment fosters a plurality
of thought and perspectives that solves challenging problems and
creates value for our clients, for our communities, and for the world.
We’re proud that our organisation is home to 9,000 employees who—
regardless of ethnicity, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation, and way
of thinking—are celebrated and their unique strengths harnessed to create
outcomes that leave a positive legacy in the communities we serve.

At Hatch, we’re aiming to build a more
gender-diverse workforce. Our aspiration:


As the result of our focused transformation
plan in South Africa, we improved from

Level 4 to Level 2 to Level 1



in the Broad-Based Black Economic
Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating.

Our employees
speak more than


About Hatch
Whatever our clients envision, our engineers
can design and build. With over six decades
of business and technical experience in the
mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we
know your business and understand that your
challenges are changing rapidly.
We respond quickly with solutions that are
smarter, more efficient, and innovative. We
draw upon our 9,000 staff with experience in
over 150 countries to challenge the status quo
and create positive change for our clients, our
employees, and the communities we serve.
To apply for a Graduate position or Bursary, please
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