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rthy, R
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Saundhi Organics

My name has more As
than my transcript ://

Still haven’t been able to convince
people that I am not an introvert!!
(Literally thought about this more
than I have thought about my

"Ja so ja"

Main pal do pal ka shayar
hu, pal do pal meri kahani
hai, pal do pal meri hasti hai,
pal do pal meri jawani hai.

"It's not enough that I
should succeed- others
should fail"

Waah bete mauj kr

Kheech Lenge

Master gave Abhed
a college degree. Abhed is

I love that journey
for me - Alexis Rose

I don't judge
people on their
worst mistakes.

Ashoka changes lives - the Ashokan
experience is transformative because of
every person part of it. I hope each one
of us recognises this power and uses it to
build a more inclusive world.

If you don't recognise
me here, it's probably
because I'm not wearing
a tank

[Exit Clown.]

Made it out alive

You are the average of the
five people you spend the
most time with

There is no greater gift than a
large, closely knit family for
they can always be sacrificed for

Known for dressing like a
scary bitch to compensate
for all the crying in public

Someone give me the audacity
of a white art collector talking
about Indian painting

Doctor Who, Season 7,
Episode 14, Minute 58:30

Screenings, sleeping through
classes and Subway cookies: I
spent the last three years on
small joys.

Why not try it all If you
only remember it once?

I don't have a personality,
anxiety is my personality.

I've been waiting for
But it's only just begun.

Spent three years overthinking
and finishing the tuck shop's
stock of sour punk :)

Thodi bijli bhi zaruri hai

Spent less than half of my college life
at this place, but made more than one
lifetime of memories sitting under the
pretty skies.

lived life, one Thursday
night at a time

The most useful thing I got
from 3 years at Ashoka is

Ananya means unique. We
have 11 Ananyas in our

Next semester phod denge.

I no longer turn around
when I hear someone call
out my name

I want a refund

I Don't Remember

Don't quote me on this

Just give me my degree,

to everyone I could have
loved and all the places I
could have called home


Mohit bhaiyaa ek chicken
garlic bread karwaado do.

"Catch you on the flipping

Being a woman in STEM
has been so hard 😪 but I
finally made it

Act first, think later

I hereby declare that I wasn't part
of the impromptu concert held in
Takshila with a fire extinguisher
for a smoke machine.

"We do not need magic to change
the world, we carry all the power
we need inside ourselves already:
we have the power to imagine
better" - J.K. Rowling

The only way I could have survived
Ashoka was by singing wrong lyrics
to songs with great confidence, and
not feel bad about it, at all.

"I will diminish and go into
the West."

“When is this due?”

This is the most sunlight
I've gotten in three years

In grandma's words, what
on earth is a workers

Buy the Dip. Short the
VIX. Fuck Bitcoin

“Who needs a degree when
you’re schoolin’ life?”

Did it with no permission,
on my own conditions

We have to remember what's important
in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or
waffles, friends, and work. Doesn't
matter, but work is third.

"Something definitely went
terribly wrong there"

yo what happened to
your pink glasses

Hardwork pays off
Dreams come true
Bad times don't last
But bad guys do!

“a well chosen book can
save you from anything,
even yourself”

your friendly
neighbourhood skips-her8.30s

The best I can give you is a
fake smile and dead eyes.

I forgot this quote was due

What even.

Let's just take this shuttle?

“Facts are for the

If I don't eat how will I

"Veni, vidi, amavit, semper in
corde meo '

A Google search got
me here.

I regret, therefore I am.

everyone chasing 4.0,
i’m already 0.20 points

Thanks to Ashoka, I
learnt to right good.

Well, that was another in a
long series of regrettable
life choices.

one day at a time

Sprite before I wreck the
dance floor? They still
can’t believe.

*something memeable*

Back to back like I'm
Jordan 96-97'

Fake it till you make it

O-week. Friends. Summer sem.
Smog week. Sonipat skies. Ashoka
parties. Udd gaye. Dhaba.
Lockdown. Memories. And that was
my 3 years at Ashoka.

not your designated grape

What's puzzling you is the
nature of my game

*Wii music intensifies*

Samir... You're Wrecking
the Car

I'm just like other girls

Things got out of hand
real quick.

"I have 2 exams, 3
presentations and 5 papers
due today"

It's only when I was
searching for this quote that I
realized that 3 years are
already over.

just go with the flow

Let the adventures do
the talking

Here’s to always staying
positive and testing

4/5 Stars. The classes were
alright and they had like, really
nice grass but someone stole
my favourite headphones in the
4th sem.

Dhungi business

Just in it for it. No idea
what's going on...

Legend says you can still
see him dancing like crazy
in the atrium.

bro should I cut my hair??

For someone who hated the
participation grade, I sure
have a lot to say for this

Don't stress, finesse.

Life has given me all the
lemons I deserve

Sab moh maaya hai

I'm on top of the world,
eating chicken fries.

If opportunity doesn’t
knock, build a door.

Off my bed please

I told 10 puns to make my
friends laugh, however, no
pun intended.

Might be over now, but I
feel it still. (Because 4th

Love alpine trekking,
photography and it seems
enough of sociology to get a

I walked in thinking I’d leave with an
education but I’m leaving with so
much more; a full heart, some crazy
critical thinking skills and a tendency
to not take fire alarms seriously.

Nothing like a good fire
alarm to wake you up

If you've had Sonepat
Smirnoff, don't worry
about what's in the vaccine

Made it through three
years of crying about ecofin

All I wanted was a
graduation ceremony

Maybe if he had been
hugged he wouldn't have
killed all those people

I think it's safe to say
the engineering plan
clearly didn't work out.

You must always have faith in
people. And most importantly,
you must always have faith in
yourself- Elle woods

I mean my expectations
for this place were low
but God damn...

Ab yeh pagal jee nahi

Made too many
questionable decisions in
the last 3 years

3 years at ashoka and I still
haven’t uncovered the conspiracy
behind saffron-colored pinboards
in our dorm rooms

"बागही उड़ान पे ही ना जाने यूँ
इलाही मेरा जी आये आये.."

*lamburghini playing in
the background* it is what
it is

If you’ve gone to the mess
looking for the tuck shop,
you’ve gone too far

"If you can meet with triumph
and disaster and treat those
two impostors just the same"

I trie but I onli crie

I have slept in the library but
I have never studied in my
dorm room

if we'd met, I swear you
would've thought i'm
funny xoxo

All the Starbucks in the
world, but Fuel Zone will
always be my home

What peaches and what penumbras!
Whole families shopping at night! Aisles
full of husbands! Wives in the avocados,
babies in the tomatoes!- Allen Ginsberg, A
Supermarket in California

Thought I’d never get
drunk till I met an old

Educate, Organize,
Agitate. - Dr. B.R.

Give it time.

Life is about getting
chased off terraces.

All types of ghaas

I have threatened to remove
people’s organs in alphabetical
order and one cup of coffee
gets me eager enough to be 12

Let me live, love, and say
it well in good sentences

Oh my god, it even has
a watermark.

For a lit major I have
surprisingly little to say

Anxiety so high all my
pleasures are guilty.

I'd like to dedicate my diploma to
citation generators; without
them, I would not be here.

Owe my econ degree to
Nescafé coffee

Kuch cool bolna zaroori
hai kya?

Art is art. Everything else
is everything else.

I dont skate through life, I
walk in really nice socks

Just loved the Ashokan
vibes!! To the best 3 years

Should have gone to
Art School

Work to become, not to

That is nostalgia: finding out that
things from the past you didn’t
even expect were happiness….
actually were.

Should've just done

Let life be the joke that
celebrates the absurdity
of it all.

OG threat to Democracy

I’ll just wake up early
tomorrow to finish it!

Bhaiya, ek cold coffee
strong, kam cheeni aur
extra thanda please

I don't go to the SR often
but I've taken many hits
in life

Hard liquor mixed with a
bit of intellect..... maybe
the intellect part!

Ashoka is gulab jamuns,
sometimes with elaichi.

You don't look good
when you're sober

Always be a little kinder
than you have to!

Naina, did your mother
buy you fruits?

Rolling the dice with
both my degree and

When asked why I wanted to join Ashoka, I
had said, "because its students and faculty
make an environment conducive for learning",
mentally chiding myself for the obvious and
generic response. But it has been an absolute
joy experiencing the truth in those words.

Aye Hain Hum Aye Hain
Ashoka se Aye Hain
Nukkad Natak Laaye Hain

"He who is not courageous
enough to take risks will
accomplish nothing in life"
- Ali

The only difference
between ASMR and
ghost noises is consent

Apes together strong.

All the knowns are in
fact real unknowns

Soon enough we’ll be
out dancing.


Punk Rock isn't DEAD.

anything I say I will
later regret


Study is for the mind, but
Dance is for the soul.

Tried keeping it mellow,
Ashoka said ‘hell no’

This bubble actually
taught me a lot about
the outer world!!

Exploit Food. Not

College has taught me
how to work under stress.
Now I can't function
without it.

Chalo, at least we're the
graduating class of 'Dear

Studies happened in
between the tuck shop

This is the first time a
Political Science major
has been at a loss for

Bitch, I graduated, call me
Big Fish.

Work smart, enjoy life

Hello, this is Rahul
from the OAA

Will you please stop
spamming the entire

This was nice and all but
I'd still rather be at

A tooth for a degree, who
would have ever thought

wait, we were supposed
to do this sober?

That's fucked up bro!

let's roll down the dhaba
slopes, again!

Sometimes Yes Theory,
Mostly Ecorn & Popcorn

So, what was it at
the end?

Ashoka is One Direction
and I am Zayn Malik.

called it :)

Unavailable for

Little high little low

SH3 Egg Specialist

That's the real trouble
with the world, too many
people grow up. They

Life will come and go
but power is forever

jack of no trades

Gotta risk it all tryna
live a legendary life

never knows best

Maybe this world is
another planet's hell.

Chicken fries, chicken fries,
Caramel coffee and maggi,
Mess Lawns and the new library,
Chilling with my homies!!... And
that's 3 years of Ashoka for me

Be careful with that, I
might run for office

Mai toh thak gayi

Yeh kiska bachcha
kho gaya?

My kataware-doki.

not all your decisions have
to be smart, some can be
purely for cinematic value


Got by each sem, one
cold coffee at a time

Better late than

Maybe the real Ashoka
was the friends we
made along the way.

Where my Tarana at?

listening to old Kanye,
feeling like new Kanye

Is Banjaara still a

This pandemic has reminded us that
we have only ourselves. So walk
alone, as you've walked alone before.
Build a stronger spine, collect grit till
the wildflowers whisper : here, despite.

Paneer parantha or
Paneer Naan?

Hey is anyone willing to sell a used PS4
max budget 15k, should be in good
condition, can do pickup from Delhi
NCR, Bloodborne optional but strongly

Give me a honey lemon
chai because I made it
this far

Saved by Grace through Faith
which is a Gift of God. Ephesians
Always Paneer and Ras Malai for

Main akele hi chali thi janib-e-manzil
Log saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta
gaya - Majhrooh Sultanpuri( slightly
altered by Saman Fatima)

After three years, two piercings,
one lumineers playlist and more
than a few therapy sessions, I
think I'm finally Ashokan

better, brighter days are
on their way

Plants: thriving, bones:
warm, vibes: attended.

In my defence, I didn't think
about this because I didn't
think I would graduate this


Keep your head still and
eyes on the ball.

I know exactly what to do
but in a much more real
sense, I have no idea what to

The Ashokan air will
always hit different.

I Talk Way Too Much

idhar udhar ki baatein,
vagehra vagehra

I'll walk out of here like
an electric eel that bit

seh lenge thoda

Life is like an SH3 washroom
on a Thursday night: you know
it's gonna be shitty, but not how

lost 2 professors but
feeling like I'm going to
miss Shaina the most

कम येवा धकार ते मा फलेषु
कदाचन (Karmanye
vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu
Kadachana )

Done and dusted

Whatever you do in this life,
it's not legendary, unless
your friends are there to see

Do rupay ki pepsi
Shreyashree bhai sabse

I started college with
straight A's, now I'm not
even straight.

Came to break hearts,
ended up breaking my

Came to break hearts,
ended up breaking my

Tried coming up with the perfect
quote.. but how could so many
memories fit in a few lines..so
hey, I guess this is it!?

This was very stressful

Death by Asteroid

wya brah

Guess my parents will
never know 'bout the
cross access policy

College taught me less of
'what to do' and more of
'what all not to do'.

survived on
‘jai siya ram’

~eternal musings of a
restless mind~

Before Ashoka, I didn’t know that a
place could be so daunting yet so
beautiful at the same time. To
blurry nights and missed 8:30’s,
thank you.

Ghalte rang la tsundue yona
mindup chhawa chikchan minduk
(If you have the passion, there is
nothing you cannot achieve)

those bastards
lied to me

What a prize you are,
what a lucky sack of

I was never really

Looks like my computer
screen is brighter than
my future

I have a bittersweet
relationship with the
word 'sweet'

high highs and
low lows

Send your Yearbook
entry rite now or I'll put
your LMS pic

i anthro-pologise

Is it too late to change
my major?

brb, crying over

Do it for the vine.

Never felt like staying,
don’t feel like leaving

I think we can ALL be
anime girls

Psych major, lit minor,
vibe gauger, big whiner

See kids... I told you I was
good looking in college.

What's coming will
come, and we'll meet it
when it does

Well the turntables
never stop turning

Που ειμι οικίας

Sexy train is leaving
the station...

Yanafy mh
vwuakanwdq sdkg
ugmflk sk ugmjsyw

Guess who thought of 5
amazing quotes for her friends
but couldn't come up with one
for herself :)

Boycotted the LMS
before it was cool

Apan dhai lakh saal pehle
insaan ban gaya tha

Thank god it’s done

All in all you're just
another Ashokan in
front of a red brick wall.

Tables turn,
bridges burn, you
live and learn

Came to achieve full
emo boi, got threatened
by a good time in college.

Via talking or silence
or mix of both, you
will get it, I am sure.

A Happy Kid

"Who would've thought
that a girl like me, would
double as a superstar?" Miley Cyrus, 2006

For all the times I said
"f*** it" and went right
back to work

So I guess we are who we
are for a lot of reasons.
And maybe we will never
know most of them.

My candle burns at both ends
it will not last the night but
arh my friends and oh my
foes it gives a lovely light

so here's the thing

Slender man
suffering from success

I knew exactly what to do. But
in a much more real sense, I
had no idea what to do — so I
bluffed my way through this

Nothing beats a

This quote is left as an
exercise for the reader.

“It’s like my life is
buffering”- Kelly Kapoor,
The Office

How were we to know
we were happy?

Proof that I wasn't
always bald

Here for a good time,
not a long time

Remembering the time
I felt sorry for the
class of 2020.

Jameson, Basketball
and Plagiarism.

Do I have to?

Psychology major with a
Criminology minor; catch
me if you can (many tried,
none succeeded) :D

all around me are
familiar faces whose
names I used to know in

Is there a way to skip this whole
'getting-a-job' thing and fast
forward to the 'moving-in-withmy-girlfriend-and-naming-ourkitten-Woof' thing

Okay but Udd Gaye is
not my favourite song

Meri Ek taang nakli hai, Mai hockey ka
bohoth bada khiladi tha. Ek din Uday bhai ko
meri kisi baat pe gussa aagaya aur unhone
mere he hockey se meri taang ke do tukde kar
diye. Lekin dil ke bohot ache hai, Fauran
mujhe hospital le gaye aur ye nakli taang

It was pretty good
It was alright
It wasn't great
But it was fine - Dennis Reynolds

“Tell me how all of this, and love
too, will ruin us. / These, our
bodies, possessed by light./ Tell me
we’ll never get used to it.”- from
Scheherazade by Richard Siken

Bhaiya, ek honey chilli
potato without honey!

We came together its a
real treasure - Dora: The

"sat down in class and in
half an hour brain started
doing gllug glgu

Your Yearbook Signatures, here


How are you feeling? ____________________________________________
What is on your mind right now? _________________________________
How does the sky look from where you’re at? _______________________
What were you looking forward to when you woke up? _______________
If you could do anything, what would you do? ______________________
What is some advice you would give to your freshman self ?__________
Who have been some dearly admired strangers? ____________________
Do you want to get something off your chest? ______________________
What do you predict about the future? ____________________________
What are you still coping with? __________________________________


What do you hope your life is like? _______________________________
What of Ashoka do you want more of? _____________________________
What would you buy if you could? ________________________________
What do you want that money can’t buy? __________________________
What do you wish you'd never forget? _____________________________
Who do you think about when you read "wow, thank you"? ___________
Who do you think about when you read, "wow, I'm sorry"? ___________
Is there anything you wish you did differently? _____________________

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