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“Shaping up to
be a big one!”


November 2020

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ugarfest 2021 is set to be the

biggest one yet and is preliminarily scheduled for the 23/24
July 2021. Zululand’s spectacular
agricultural show has become
KZN’s most looked forward to biannual
agricultural event.

The Sugarfest celebrates the harvest and
achievements in different sectors across
South Africa which make up agriculture.
The people involved in this value chain
meet up, network and review latest technologies and trends. With ideas and tons of
experience shared, Sugarfest also boasts
a broad mix of public-interest exhibits,
farmers markets and an extensive entertainment programme.

Calling exhibitors for
Sugarfest 2021
The Mill & Bridge newspaper will be distributing a monthly series dedicated to farming
in South Africa. This series will partner up
with participating exhibitors to publish the
latest on their expertise and those that go
hand in hand with whom of which farmers
would be nowhere without.

Eager show-goers begin preparing for Sugarfest 2021
The show is the perfect opportunity to personally communicate with existing and potential clients, expose your brands to thousands of show-goers,
network with other industry players and learn about market opportunities and
threats. Exhibitors are urged to get ahead and book now. Expect the good
positive results to be even bigger and better in 2021.

Partner up now and generate
masses of business leads
Mahen Gounden
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Veno Pillay
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Cella Horn
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Leon Chetty
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Mabaso Makabongwe 076 104 5407

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Midbay Motors



Getting it “offline” and
bringing “in-person” back
at Sugarfest 2021
COVID-19’s lockdowns

have required people to replace
much of the in-person communication they conducted at
work -- as well as with customers and suppliers -- with virtual
meetings on platforms such as
Zoom, Teams, and Hangout.
The Sugarfest Agricultural Show
held each biannual year in Zululand
has become a serious business opportunity according to surveys from
exhibitors and visitors at the 2019
Trade Show. These statistics have
already proved to have triggered
overwhelming interest in July’s upcoming show, to be held in Mtunzini.
What drives this specific Sugarfest
to be more attractive then ever
before,with a massive audience
gathering, has obviously got a lot to
do with the global pandemic we are
currently facing.
Farmers are “chomping at the bit” to
participate in the in-person significant opportunities and major benefits Sugarfest has previously generated but now especially when it
comes to strengthening culture and
morale, fostering engagement and
to get offline and catch up to the
in-person business that we have all
realised is vital for any organisation.
Trust is hard to develop online. It’s
also hard to make an impactful first
impression via email or even on the
phone -- it never has the same kind
of impact an in-person meeting can
deliver. In any business setting, the
first impression sets the tone for the

relationship, and an in-person meeting will always provide the strongest
first impression. This applies to
deciding on agricultural machinery
benifits, vehicles, chemicals, basically any form of sales that one is
curious about.
With Covid-19 safety measures
in place the eager exhibitors and
Sugarfest committee are looking forward to seeing you in-person again.
Unlike emails or phone calls, which
are on track with direct business,
engaging in some small talk conversation and in person demonstrations
improves getting to know eachother
outside of our cyberspace capsule
and back to strengthening humanities one on one relationships for
your business and family.
Follow the Mill & Bridge newspaper
on monthly updates and articles
from our exhibitors on what you can
expect from their stand.

Exhibitor Bookings & Show Info
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Felixton Estate, South Africa

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“While Shepherds
watch their flocks
by night”


aising kids takes a village. I couldn’t agree more, but what

makes a village? I know when you are sleep deprived,

cranky, busy, overwhelmed, or whatever, extending gratitude
isn’t always top of mind. However, taking the time to thank those helping you and your family is time well spent. Whether it’s a hand-written
thank you note, gift card, verbal comment, or text, these sentiments go
a long way. And this is overdue.
So I’m writing mine to trigger your mind: on who, actually goes that
extra mile so we are okay every night and day. Who has held this
village together despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the real terror
of a plague. Despite the fact that we are the only country in the
world that cannot keep their lights on or having a municipal
system where the water is not always available. Despite the
pressure us villagers deliver, Wayne Mathias has always
been the one that goes that extra mile. You know that!
I know that!


Wayne Mathias, not only
is the Chairman of
the Felixton Home
Owners Association,
but also the spine of
the Covid-19 pandemic
for Felixton Villagers
through the trials
and tribulations
of 2020

Thank you Wayne for all you do! It doesn’t just take a
leader to maintain the village for it’s residents, it takes a
leader with a vision for the village. A true shepherd.
You have definitely exceeded expectations. Felixton is,
most definitely, one of the most wholesome places to
live and us residents understand the obstacles the
country faces and are so very grateful for all you do!

Felixton’s great enthusiast, an
inspirational devotee, enjoying
life’s marvels against all odds!
2020 has been a year we’ll never
forget. While we may have started the
year in hope, it’s been a struggle for
so many of us, and the implications of
recent events will have lasting effects
— some of them life-altering. However,
when we reach the point of wanting to
give up and we start to lose hope, we
need to consider what’s really important.
Sometimes I just want it to stop. Talk of
COVID, protests, looting, brutality. I lose
my way. I become convinced that this
“new normal” is real life. Then I meet a
man who doesn’t even mention, the war
sign-ups or living through polio, diphtheria, blame nor even his side of the story,
and yet is so enchanted with life.

He seemed surprised when I said
that 2020 must be especially challenging for him. “No,” he said slowly, looking me straight in the eyes.
He sat quietly sipping his tea with
Buddy, his companion and caddy,
at his ankles. I learnt that this man
was wiser than to just learn the
world through printed headlines but
lives for the people that surround
Alen Wilkinson, he microlights over
estuaries, he wins golf days with
good luck charms and blessings,
he has incredible gardening tips,
he feeds wild birds every morning
and is an avid photographer with a
spectacular history.

Alen Wilkinson, planning a hole-in-one

We are all familiar with the sound
of our sugar trains, hooting owls
and natures best. But if you hear
an unfamilar new buzzing sound, it
could well be Alen on a microlight
scouting his next golfing move.
Nothing will surprise me with Alen,
he is seriously a true inspiration to
us all!



Thuthukani Adult Workshop
making your contribution to
saving the planet so easy!


ecycling is often easier just not to think about.
It seems like a mission, a hassle and so much

easier to just throw everything out every
Wednesday, on rubbish day! Where do you take it?
How do you sort it? How much do you have to collect
before you can take a load somewhere?

Reduce and reuse (recycle!)
Thuthukani Adult Workshop has taken the hassle out of
recycling and even has a depot spot right here in Felixton Village. The old bus stop outside our country club.
We even drive past the circle almost every day.
From protecting forests to curbing climate, recycled
paper, plastic and cans is essential for sustainability. If
you don’t recycle these used items and instead throw
them into the trash, it goes where all trash goes -- to
the landfill. Landfills are filling up very fast and cost a
fortune to replace. And of course, it is us, the rate-payers who will have to pay for a new landfill site.

“We will do the sorting - you do
not need to worry!”
And you don’t need to sort it. Thuthukani offers this
Thuthukani Adult Workshop provides sheltered employment to the adults living with intellectual disabilities.
Including them to social, meaningful and dignified work,
offering continued learning and skills development.
So, all you need to do to contribute to changing lives
through job creation is to put your required recycables
into one bag and leave it at the collection point. They
will sort for you.

Thuthukani Adult Workshop (TAW) is a registered NPO
and PBO, empowering 140 adults with intellectual disabilities in a sheltered work environment, where they
can learn a skill, contribute to society and be gainfully
employed. Thuthukani Adult Workshop has established
a recycling project called Thuthukani Turnaround (TT) to
collect and sort recyclables. TT has partnered with Mpact
Recycling in Richards Bay, who buy the sorted materials
from TT and then distribute them to their recycling destinations.
Contact Us

Phone: Thuthukani Adult Workshop


Empowering the intellectually disabled
to realise their individual potential and
corporate value in society

Just recycle. No need to do any sorting! You don’t need
to seperate cartons from paper, lids from cans, it is that
simple. Have a seperate bag or bin and throw those toilet
rolls, bottle tops, empty cans all into one, leave it at the
stop on your way out. You will be surprised how your
green wheely bin can actually close on rubbish day.

Scan QR code to take
your directly to the

To be a leading provider of sheltered
employment to the intellectually
disabled through provision of a safe
working environment that provides
social inclusion, meaningful and
dignified work, and opportunities for
continued learning and skills
To offer employment in a sheltered
environment to past pupils of
Thuthukani Special School and other
intellectually disabled adults and to
prepare workers for absorption into
open labour market where possible.

“We collect”
Office Paper
Container board
Liquid packaging
“We don’t collect”
Container board
Thin wall PET

Drop off points
Felixton Village
In the old bus shelter at the traffic circle
Empangeni Rail
Dr. Swan’s Rooms
back entrance on Ukula Str. Empangeni
Thuthukani Adult Workshop
Below Thuthukani Special School

Cell: 083 267 6444 •Fax: 035 793 0080 •




Felixton College comes
out stronger for it all!
written by a proud and very grateful parent

Obviously, COVID-19 created new challenges for all
schools and students around the world in this regard,
thus, this sentiment has never felt more true since
returning to in-person learning at FC. Much like everyone else, the school moved instruction online in March
with the onset of the coronavirus. With gratefulness,
I, as a parent, watched as Felixton College Principal,
administrators and teachers began to navigate these
“unprecedented” waters with nimbleness and grace.
Continuously thanking parents for being so forthcoming with their concerns.
Principal, Wayne Rademan, immediately began
constant contact with ISASA and a large contingent of
Principals across the country, and took action implementing top class health and safety measures. Us
parents were warmed by his and his amazing staff for
being proactive and taking it upon themselves to educate themselves on Covid-19, institute basic protocols
and inform our children. School buildings and buses
were sanitsed and ‘deep cleansed’. The children were
educated on hygiene, personal space and precautions
were implented to protect them in every way from
the virus. Us parents were recieving updated correspondencece of protocols continuously from Principal
Rademan’s desk. We are truly blessed to have such
an outstanding and dedicated team of educators
guiding our children on a daily basis and ensuring the
parents are at ease with the correct protocols in place.
As the virus spread schools closed, but this did not
stop the dedication of Felixton College. FC had already prepared and jumped into the questions of how
they could partner with parents given COVID-19? How
they would rightfully equip their students? But further,
how they would create an atmosphere of joy? Was it
really still “the whole family together?”
Yes, indeed it was, the whole family was still together,
even more so than ever before. This incredible school
adequately fulfilled their mission amidst these extraordinary challenges.

Grade RRRR - Grade 12

Felixton College
has established itself as a
leading academic, cultural
and sporting educational
provider in Zululand.
Give Felixton College a try
- you won’t be
Felixton College provides an environment within which any child, regardless of
ability or personality, is respected, accepted and enabled to thrive.

who will help you start this exciting adventure or go to
JOIN US on our website:
for enrolment forms.

Felixton College (FC) always welcomes their students
with phrases such as, “the whole family is together”.
This statement speaks to the type of relational atmosphere the college fosters between their school
and students as well as parents. The entire staff
emphasize, establish and maintain an atmosphere of
joy where learning and discovery can flourish. They
partner with parents to educate children not simply
to gain admittance to the best university, but to equip
them for life, helping them discover who God made
them to be. These are lofty and ambitious goals, one’s
that are difficult to achieve under the most normal of

The focus was on the very human relationship between
the student and the teacher. Approaching the use of technology with intentionality knowing the benefits are many
though the challenges are real. Always cherishing their
time together, knowing that the years their children spend
at FC are profoundly impactful on who they will become.
Thus, through ample online classes, together with good old
fashion phone calls and still keeping a system of in-person
teaching, FC stayed connected as a school community,
and in every instance came out the stronger for it all.
Felixton College had overcome the worst virus without
jeopardizing the safety nor the education of each and every student’s future.
Thank you FC for giving us parents the peace of mind that
not only are our children receiving the best education but
also that at FC they are your children too.
On the 4th October 2021 that heart warming sms from
Debbie Lane, Felixton College, reached every parent of
every child, “tomorrow we look forward to welcoming back
all of our students, the whole family”.



“Donavon remains positive
after harrowing ordeal”
Moving house stress is hard, but
on this the emotional day of saying
goodbye to their old home quickly
turned into a nightmare.


ith the pandemic hitting busi
nesses hard Don and his father

decided to follow up on the
many leads generated at Sugarfest
2019, where they had participated in
exhibiting their water purification business. Don quickly managed to set up
contracts in Zululand and it was decided that he would sadly leave the family
business in Durban to continue in Zululand where they would be residing in
Felixton Village.
On the day in question not only did the
family of five break down when an injector blew in their vehicle’s engine, on
the N2. It so happened that it was the
first, hottest day of October and only
hours later could be towed into Felixton
Village, on a flat bed trailer, to their new
home. This obviously added a fortune
to the already costly moving expenses.
Keeping spirits up Donavon managed
to locate the most highly recommended
motor repairs shop nearby and had his
Ford Ranger tdci 3.0 4x4 (recently purchased from a Durban North used cars
dealership) towed for repairs. This took
time and more money setting the Uys’s
back financially and a week behind on
his first contract. On the completion of
the repairs Don was excited to begin
his approved tender in Richards Bay.
However, 5km from the motor repairs
shop the injector blew again and he
had to be towed yet again which resulted in him losing the contract.
Once the vehicle had been repaired
and Don having some time on his
hands before the next contract started, he could quickly assist a previous
client in Ballito which would generate
an income before starting the upcoming

Felixton Estate, South Africa

Don, Deyna,Skyla, Josh & Fay, setting out on exciting new beginnings, moments before the nightmare began
But the nightmare doesn’t end
here. On the way to Ballito the
van broke down again for the
third time in three weeks, only
this time it was the engine that
blew. This was beginning to pay
a traumatic toll on the family.
Unfortunately his 4x4 is now sitting at a mechanic’s workshop in
Ballito with a R43 000,00 quote
for spares alone. Obviously in
these times, nobody has this kind
of cash lying around, especially
with a family of five to feed. So
the Uys’s are left with no vehicle.
I find this particular experience
not only harrowing with the
world coming to terms with the
COVID-19 pandemic, and work
opportunities being so slight, but
the added stress of expenses,
relocation, job loss and vehicle
loss would most definitely bring
me to tears.

Fay runs a stationery reduced
cost business, Pay-Less Office
Supplies which she has brought
to Zululand (certainly the right
time for this with stationery lists
going out). Which can hopefully
keep them above water until Don
can find permanent work. With
installments owing on his bakkie
and a R43k plus bill waiting in
Ballito he lost his contracts and
is not eligable to purchase a new
Despite his recent nightmare,
being an electrician and team
leader for sewage treatment
plants, borehole pumps and
filtration, reverse osmosis plants,
rainwater harvesting, pivot maintenance and construction, Don
remains positive and focused into
bouncing back to work soon.
A time to count our blessings,
and pray that great things are in
store for the Uys family.

We pre-pack and deliver to your door.
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Office Supplies
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2021 Admissions
Grade RRRR - Grade 12

water specialists

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We pre-pack and deliver to your door.
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BEAUTY7th November 2020
079 830 1729
11 December 2020

3rd November 2020

To our darling

Happy Birthday

Deyna Madison


Happy 21st Birthday
To my darling daughter
Leegan xxx

Rudolf, Sarita & Karla Kachelhoffer

Happy 76th
Birthday xxx

Sarog Govender

We hope you stay the
beautiful girl that you are,
and continue cooking &
baking the
wonderful food
that you do.
We love you,
Dad, Mom
& Skyla
The Uys’s

Alan von Albach
76 years young
17 November 2020

If you are looking for Alan on his
birthday, you might well find that
wife Hanny has him locked up
safely at home.
Three years ago Alan broke his
ankle on his birthday and last year
he was attacked by a dog and had
to have the full rabies treatment.
This year Hanny will be enforcing
stricter safety precautions.

Karen, Warren & Hanny with birthday boy Alan

Alan, pictured here on the way to the club
with Bongani’s generous assistance



Joker Evening
Felixton Village
Donavon, Fay,
Josh, Deyna & Skyla
Tinti Drive


Erica & Jason
Armellino Drive
Wishing you a blessed
and happy
life in this ‘gem’ of a

Tuesday, 3rd November 2020
Felixton Country Club

The meeting will be held downstairs on
the outside of the verandah and paved
area for social distancing and natural ventilation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


We wish you all the very best with the
Village Newspaper, and trust that it will get
the support it deserves!

(035) 791-1796
A VERY BIG THANK YOU to FELIXTON VILLAGE for their generous donations of
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Any items can be dropped at 12 Armellino or can be collected (079 830 1729) or taken directly to
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Mill & Bridge



Community Newspaper
Felixton Village Newspaper

‘‘Mzwan’ is getting
his fit on!”
Since the global pandemic forced us all into
lockdown and stopped people from being able
to gym daily as well as schools sports and
fixtures being cancelled, this hasn’t stopped
Mzwandile Mthiyane of Felixton College from
gaining some muscle.

With Felixton College providing absolute evidence of athletic
excellence across the board and Mzwandile’s
ambition, motivation and fitness routines,
there is every possibility that the future Springbok
Captain might just be this guy on the FC
sports field every afternoon.

ery seldom can one drive through

Felixton’s sports grounds without

seeing Mzwan’ getting his fit on. He
doesn’t hesitate to cycle to Richards Bay or to
Crystal Holdings dam and back, at any given
chance. This rising star is not letting lockdown
stop him from working out and keeping fit.

“Just because we are in
lockdown doesn’t
mean we can’t train”


I had the privelege of writing an article in 2017
for a local news magazine on this outstandingly
talented champ from humble beginnings. In
fact the very next year in 2018 Siya Kolisi was
nominated Captain of the Springboks rugby
team and I was amazed at researching the
Captain’s life to discover the similarities, obstacles and challenges both Siya and Mzwan’
faced when growing up.
Both share the same ambitions and same
ideas, remaining positive at all times with a
great sense of humour and desire to achieve.
Their compassion and love for their families
speaks volumes on it’s own.

Mzwan’ says “its all in your
mind, just because we are
in lockdown doesn’t mean we
can’t train, you need to tell
your mind first that
‘A’ I need to wake
up at this time, I
need to train,
so the easiest
thing to do is
to just wake up, go for a 2km
jog and come back home.
Limit your eating also. Eat
because you are hungry. Do
pushups, situps, run in
the morning, run in the
afternoon. Don’t let your
mind tell you to sit in front
of the tv and just eat”

Mzwandile of
Felixton College
with eyes on the
goal and hands on
the prize, has a great
future stacked up
ahead of him.

Follow updates on village news every first week of every month.
Share your news via whatsapp: 079 830 1729 or email:



Mill & Bridge


Felixton Village Newspaper
Felixton Village Newspaper

of the month
Everyone loves a good fish story, but how do you pick
out the true legends when the tall tales are piled higher
than the catch of the day?
You could cast about for the truly incredible stories, like
the man who landed a 1,600-pound shark in the Bahamas using only a boat anchor. Or you could pack your
creel with accounts of amazing anglers, from Sri Lankan
stilt fishermen to the Chinese who fished using cormorants and otters.
Ultimately, a true legend is living right among us whose
catch & tales will forever lure great fishermen to the
sport and still inspire the anglers’ anglers. I have been
honoured to have witnessed this man’s skills and even
been lucky enough to sample a variety of his catch.
A great fisherman lives right here in Felixton Village,
Andre Mudaly, making Felixton proud!

Andre Mudaly with a recent catch of Yellow Fin Tuna

Felixton Golf Estate boasts
brilliant ‘birdies’!
Eastern bronze-naped pigeon
(Delgorgue’s pigeon)

Dale Dixon

Blackish, short-tailed, medium-sized pigeon. Male
has a distinctive white mark on the neck. Female
is plainer but usually shows some rufous on the
back of the neck. Rare & endangered, found right
here in Felixton Village. Inconspicuous
bird that’s song is a “bouncing call”
series of low hoots.
Pictured here in Armellino Crescent,

My little endangered friend
visits me just
about every
day. A shy
little character but extremely

Striped Kingfisher
(Halcyon chelicuti)

Jonathan Kruger

This highly territorial bird which
will chase off not only others of the
same species, but also shrikes,
doves and rollers. The territory may
be up to three hectares (7.4 acres) in
size, and hold 100 tall trees.
It is surveyed from a treetop by its
owner, who sings from before dawn intermittently until after midday.
Photographed in Old School Road, Felixton.

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