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Term 2 Week 8
7 June, 2021

Year 12 Newcastle Uni Exc.
Year 10 Mangoola Coal Mine Visit
Year 7-12 Rewards Day

Year 3/4 Primary Assembly
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Year 7-12 PRIDE Assembly
Secondary Parent Teacher
Interviews afternoon
Year 7-12 Chris Hoare Cup

Primary Zone Athletics
20-22 School Musical
26-30 Education Week
Year 8-11 Subject Selection Evening
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Sally Curnow‘s painting created at Djinda Ngardak program at Dubbo.
It was selected to be the banner at the Gala night and the Department of Education has also
bought the rights to use her artwork as the future logo for NSW Department of Education
Workplace Learning. Well done Sally!


Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery
operated devices that heat a liquid to produce a
vapour to inhale. They include a range of chemicals
or flavours, and often contain nicotine.

NSW Cu rric ulu m Refor m
Following a Curriculum Review, we
will observe the streamlining and
strengthening of what is taught in NSW
schools over the next 4 years.

Adolescence is a critical period for brain
development and exposure to nicotine can have long
-term health consequences. E-cigarettes are often
labelled incorrectly and may contain nicotine.
Although e-cigarette packaging can list some
ingredients, it may not include all chemicals in the
vapour and researchers have found that toxic metals
from e-cigarettes may be released into the vapour
when inhaled.

The reforms include:
• building strong foundations for future learning
by 2022 with new English and Mathematics
syllabuses for Kindergarten to Year 2
• more time for teaching by 2022 by reducing the
hours teachers spend on extra-curricular topics and
issues and compliance requirements
• strengthening post school pathways by
2022 with new learning areas for Years 11 and 12
that clearly link learning to future employment and
study options
• a new curriculum from 2024 with new syllabuses
focused on what is essential to know and do in early
and middle years of schooling, and key learning
areas in the senior years.

Just like tobacco products, selling any e-cigarette or
e-cigarette accessories to people under 18 years of
age is illegal in NSW, regardless of whether the
product contains nicotine or not. The sale of liquid
nicotine to any person in NSW, including in ecigarettes, is illegal under NSW poisons legislation.
As a parent or carer, talk to your child about why ecigarettes are harmful for them. Report those who
are selling e-cigarettes to minors or selling ecigarettes containing nicotine. You can do this by
calling the Tobacco Information Line on

1800 357 412.

George Frangos

Assessment Tasks Due

Term 2


Year 9


Food (100)
Timber (200)
Food (200)
Timber (200)

Year 10

Child Studies

Timber (100)
Food (100)

Industrial Technology
English Studies (11)
English Advanced (11)

Modern History
Maths Advanced (11)
Maths Standard (11)
SLR (11)
Maths Advanced (12)




Djinda Ngardak Program
From 16-21 May Sally
Curnow, Jy King-Stow and
Jessica Kelly attended the
inaugural NSW Djinda
Ngardak which was held at
the Dubbo School of Distance
Education. Over the course of 5 days they were
able to share in cultural exchange with students
and teachers in a variety of ways. Led by Cecil
See Senior Education Officer NSW DoE they
visited the Western Plains Zoo to forage. They
were welcomed to country by elder Uncle Ralph,
guided in art with Bobby Mackay and embraced
into the yearning and cooking workshop with
Aunty Doris Shilling and Yvonne Hill.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Hospitality camp
without the cooking component and the students
and teachers had numerous opportunities to
work with Chef Malarie, from Mudgee, including
learning to make pasta for their first meal.
The camp also featured visits to a local nursery, a
butchering demonstration, coffee roasting
workshop and a number of talks related to the
hospitality industry. The group was supported by
Chef Lee from Broken Hill and Chef Adam from
Sydney who passionately volunteered their time
for the NSW Djinda Ngardak program.
The week culminated in a wonderful gala dinner
at the Dubbo Rhino Lodge on the Thursday
evening. At the Gala night, Sally Curnow was
approached by Glenda O’Brien, Education
Department of Workplace Learning Co-ordinator,
to sell the rights to her painting to use as their
future logo.

Although the Djinda Ngardak Program takes an
overall holistic approach that covers culture,
food, art, music, dance and storytelling, it is
grounded in the development of basic skills of a
basic need: food, its interaction with country and
ability to bring people together to connect.

This was a fabulous experience for our students
to network with others with similar interests
from across the state. They also got to work with
outstanding chefs and industry professionals in
the culinary, agricultural and tourism industries.

By providing the safe, socially respectful and
professional arena of the program allows
opportunities to enhance cultural pride in public
expression, sense of belonging and respect
within the wider community. Confidence in inter
-cultural connections and self-respect in
individuals that strengthen community.
This includes fostering longevity in upholding
traditional values, healthy lifestyles and
consequently improved health and wellbeing.

Sally and Jy had an incredible week.
They have made new friendships and
have some wonderful memories that
will last a lifetime.
Jess Kelly - Hospitality Teacher


More than tea and scones the CWA unites
women and strengthens our communities
through friendship, education, service and

Our music students were delighted to be part of the
celebrations to mark this significant milestone and
entertained guests with vocal and instrumental
performances throughout the morning.

The Country Women's Association (CWA) originated
in New South Wales in 1922, followed over the
course of the next decade by associations in other

Amongst the highlights of the celebration was a
visual tribute showing the dedication of past and
present CWA members. Our Principal, George
Frangos, thanked the ladies for their generosity and
ongoing support to the school over many years.

The CWA grew out of the growing social and
economic crises of the 1920s, which saw years of
drought, depressed prices for agricultural goods,
and the failure of the soldier settlement scheme.
With a growing realisation of, and dissatisfaction
with, the fact that country areas were lagging
behind the cities in terms of health services,
educational facilities and general amenities.

The CWA’s involvement with the school began in
the 1930’s. Since then, the organisation has
continued supporting the school in many ways
including donating books to the library, teaching
craft classes, donating funds to the school band and
making library bags for Kindergarten students. They
also sponsor the CWA Student of the Year Award
and more recently, being involved in the School to
Work Go-Getter’s COLA project.

The Country Women's Association of Australia
(CWAA) is now the largest individual women's
organisation in Australia, with over 25,500
members in 1,500 branches.

Congratulations Bulahdelah CWA on your
90th Anniversary. We thank you for your
commitment and look forward to working together
on future projects. Wendy Parsons - Music Teacher

The Bulahdelah branch of the Country Women’s
Association (CWA) recently celebrated its
90th anniversary with a special High Tea at the River
Myall Holiday Park.


The competition was fierce, especially in the 19s
division. All teams played well, but unfortunately
the boy’s teams did not qualify for the next stage.
However, the girls 19s squad made the final which
they lost, but still qualified for Stage 2 to be held
in Coffs Harbour next term.
There were a number of players who were
selected by scouts to join the Far Northern NSW
squads for competition in Brisbane later this year.
We held a player’s player vote which had the
following players voted as the best player for their
team during the tournament.
U/14 boys
U/16 boys
U/19 boys
U/19 girls
During Week 6, Bulahdelah travelled to Coffs
Harbour for the Champion of Champions Regional
Futsal Competition. Leading up to this, all teams
had put in a massive effort training at lunch times
with Jake Kinnear.

Ezra Hammerl
Cooper Harrison
Taj Witherow-Strutt
Ginger Harrison

Thanks to Jake Kinnear and Lee-Anne Bramble for
accompanying me on this trip to assist with
coaching and supervision of the students. Watch
this space… Tyson Oakley - Sports Organiser


Wednesday, 16 June 2021


3:30pm - 5:00pm (AEST)

The Sports Lifestyle and Recreation Studies class
visited the Bulahdelah Bowling Club to learn about
and play Lawn Bowls. Students were shown the
etiquette of play and certain aspects of proper
technique. The students caught on pretty quickly
and it wasn't too long before competition play
commenced with team Georgia versing team
I would like to sincerely thank the Bulahdelah
Bowling Club for making this experience possible
for the students. Warren Jones - Head Teacher
Well Being


WOW (Wear Orange Wednesday) Day
On this day, communities across Australia were
encouraged to wear orange to thank all SES (State
Emergency Services) volunteers who generously give
their time to help our communities.

There are many skills you can learn as a volunteer,
and most of them are Nationally Recognised
Training. If you’re interested in becoming a
volunteer, give it a go! What have you got to lose?
For more information, call 1800 201 000 or visit
www.ses.nsw.gov.au/volunteer/ Story and photo by

Local SES Commander, Greg Dodd, is very
enthusiastic to welcome new member, and
emphasised that a broad range of age groups can
contribute as volunteers. The local unit has
members from 16 years old all the way up into the

Dave Manwell Great Lakes Advocate 26 May 2021

Term 2
Canteen Meal Deals

The unit’s youngest volunteer, Cailin Halliwell
(pictured middle of bottom row) who is only 16, has
embraced the community spirit. When asked about
her role in the SES said, “We help out the
community, and people in need. We learn to work
well in a team, to have good communication skills,
and learn through all the activities we do”.

Week 8

Curried Sausages &
Week 9
Chicken Carbonara

When asked if the SES has a place for younger
members…. “Oh sure, everyone is allocated for, so if
you are up for doing it, I would say do it! Because
they are supportive, it’s a chance to be out there
and be yourself, and it gives you the future that you
might be wanting”, she said.

Please order by 9:00am

Year 5 & 6 Myall Learning Community
Future Focus Learning Days

On Tuesday, 4 May and Thursday, 3 June saw BCS
host our Stage 3 Future Focus Learning Days. Due to
Covid last year we had to cancel this event, so it was
great to be able to run this educational experience
again. These days involved students from our Myall
Learning Community schools - Tea Gardens, Booral,
Bungwahl and Coolongolook.

There were plenty of smiles at lunch and the end of
the day when they were able to devour their cookies.
Special thanks goes to:
• the BCS TAS (Technological & Applied Studies)
faculty staff,
• BSC Science Staff,
• Tara Smith (Photography/ Art Dept),
• Chris Gladys (Rel. Deputy Principal),
• George Frangos (Principal),
• Debbie Booth (Deputy Principal Teaching and
• and the Myall Learning Community schools and
their Staff for their support to the successful
running of the day.

Students participated in a range of activities which
focused on four technology disciplines - Food
Technology, Wood Technology, STEM and
Students rotated around each technology discipline
throughout the day. They had the experience of
making small projects such as a CO2 powered race
car, a water powered bottle rocket, and a small
woodwork pencil holder. They also made some
delicious cookies which were made in the combi

Without these partnerships, positive outcomes for
our students are less attainable.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

“I enjoyed meeting new friends from
other schools and trying new activities
in high school.”

Here’s what students thought of
the days……...

Jaydah Cassar Year 6 BCS

“Today was fun and showed us
what things we could do in high

“Photography was so fun!”
Quinn Goldlet Year 5 Bungwahl

Marlee Johnson Year 6 BCS

“Science was so fun you got see things
Amarlie Brougham - Delaney Year 5 Bungwahl

“I really enjoyed the cooking
with Ms Kelly and the Co2 Car
Racing because I wanted my
design to go the fastest.”

Students left with a buzz of
excitement and many were heard
exclaiming how they cannot wait to come to
BSC next year!

Lasey Baggins-Cupitt Year 6 BCS

Brent Smith - Rel. Head Teacher TAS










PBL (Positive Behaviour & Learning) & Pizza Winners
Congratulations is in order for Gemma Lucas, who
was announced the Police PBL student at the Year 2
Assembly. Gemma is a student who always tries her
best, treats everyone with respect and continually
demonstrates consideration towards others.

Year 2 Assembly
A big thank you to the parents who
attended Sofie Dorney’s Year 2
assembly on Friday, 29 May. Under
current Covid restrictions every available
seat for parents was taken. Everyone present were
very impressed by the students Acknowledgement of
Country and the way they introduced their assembly
using clear and precise vocabulary.

The previous Police PBL student, Zachariah Chatfield
was also presented with his certificate, as he was
absent when his award was announced in Week 3.
Another fine example of a student who tries his best
at all times.
Congratulations as well to our Lady Jane Pizza
Voucher winners for the past three weeks:
Connie Burges, Olivia Styles
Year 6
Charlie Matheson

The culmination of the assembly was the
performance of “We Are Australian” by Year 2 - not
only singing the song but also providing Auslan
actions for the deaf along with it. Well done on a
fabulous assembly!

Well done to these students who consistently
demonstrate our PRIDE values.

Steve Bromhead Leadership Presentation
A special visitor to the Year 2 assembly was Steve
Bromhead, the State Member for Myall Lakes. Mr
Bromhead was in attendance to present our four
School Captains- Grace McRae, Lasey Baggins-Cupitt,
Salome Reitsma and Jaydah Cassar with a leadership
medal. In his address to the assembly, Mr Bromhead
stated that these medals were the same as those
presented on Australia Day to the Young Citizen of
the Year. They were being presented to recognise
the leadership these four young ladies have and
continue to demonstrate and display in their
leadership. Well-deserved to you all!

Regional Cross Country
On Friday, 29 May we also had two students, who
just happen to be brothers, represent our school at
the Regional Cross-Country Carnival.
This was the first time that students Banjo Edwards
and his brother Cobe competed at this event.
Banjo started his race slow and was pushed to last
place at the first corner, but with true grit and
determination he progressively chased his
competitors down and finished in an acceptable 23rd
place from a field of 100.


Cobe finished a respectable 33rd from around a
field of 90 odd. By all accounts Cobe also ran a very
solid race against some strong competition.
According to their proud mum Emma, they both
learnt a lot from this experience and will be back
next year more prepared than ever.

at the start and end of the day. As you know, I
love a good chat as much as anyone else, but
please stand back from the gate to catch up with
others. Thank you!
Teachers have voiced their concern about parents
staying in their cars or calling their children across
the street. It would be appreciated if you could
meet your children on the school side of the street
and walk them across the road. Remember safety
is everyone’s responsibility. Debbie Booth

At the Gate
There have been a few parents this week voicing
their concern about other parents and students
that stand and block the gate entry to school both

Bronze & Silver Awards

Conner Guthrie

Year 4/5

Marley Dean

Ella Kent

Logan Bailey

Lacie Masters

Kaius King

Jordan Brown

Benjamin Mercer

J-Lee Lawrence

Ellie Hearne

Levi Nicholls

Gemma Lucas

Lucy Mohring

Oliver Ray

Madison Lyons

Ava Walkinshaw

Stella Nelson-Marshall

Calissa Williams

Ava Masters
Alissa Stokes
Caitlynn Williams

Year K/1
Wade Pringle

Year 3/4
Year 2
Mia Garemyn
Ruby Abraham
Josiah Reitsma
Lilly Baughan-Carpenter Annabelle Smith
Seth Best
Cruz Wicks-Hope
Cali Gibbs-Bradshaw
Laura Whitby


Riley Dixon
Aleah Stokes
Annabelle Smith

Stage 2 Year 3/4 Great
Aussie Bush Camp
On our second day we did bushcraft, we made
huts. I added a chandelier, so the person could
light them up for light. After that, we had indoor
rock climbing. Xavier was the champion, but if I
was taller I reckon I could have made it up too.
Xavier was really fast at it though. Then we went
on the giant swing. When you get up really high
you look down and there are mini people on the
ground. Then you have to pull the rope, you drop
and you swing straight to the cabins. It was really
exciting! By Banjo Edwards
My favourite thing was the indoor rock climbing
because I made it to the very top pretty easy. I did
the other harder wall too which was very very fun.
I also liked commando because me and Banjo were
sneaking around in the grass past the teachers and
other kids and it was really fun. By Xavier Wheaton

For lunch on the first day we had burgers. My mum said
that camp food was horrible, but not this camp, the food
actually tastes pretty good! After lunch we did our first
activity which was canoeing. We also met our instructor
Lilly. Lilly taught us how to use the canoes and all the safety
rules. I was pretty bad at it at the start and I didn’t get much
better at the end. After we got used to it we played a game
called cows and cowboys, it was like tips, but in canoes.
By Emmett Sinclair

My favourite part of camp was playing commando at night.
We were in the bush and we had to try and find the water
bottles that Curly had. The teachers were trying to find us
with torches to get our tokens. It was scary and fun.
By Kaden Walkinshaw


On my great Aussie Bush Camp experience, I had so
much fun that I want to go back there some day in the
With the other Year 3/4 students, we enjoyed three
days at camp. Some of the challenging activities were
archery, bushcraft, rock climbing, commando spotlight,
flying fox and high ropes.
When I went to the bushcraft activity, we made a home
that we needed to be able to survive in and be safe
from the rain, sun and wind. Annabelle, Pippa, Abbie
Zach, Indie, Mia and I made the hut together. The camp
instructor tested the strength of all the huts by giving
them a kick at the end of the activity. Our hut survived
the kick. There were many more activities and I had so
much fun.
I will always remember that experience of camp. I am
so grateful for all the staff there who looked after us. By
Chelsea Haley

I liked commando spot light. It was fun hiding from the
teachers because it was kind of like you were going to
detention, but you didn’t want to go, so you ran to the
bush and started hiding. We knew where Mrs O’Connell
was because she had an orange light. Obviously the kids
won. By Abbiegail Ray


My favourite
things were the
flying fox and
the giant swing
because they
were the most
fun things I have
ever done in my
whole life!
By Mia Garemyn


Thursday, 17 June
K-12 School Photos
P&C Meeting: Wednesday, 19 May at 3:45-4:45pm
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End of Term 2: 25 June

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