Annual Report 2018-2019

A comprehensive report of services provided by Changing Young Lives Foundation in the year 2018 to 2019.

2018 - 2019

Let’s Change Young Lives
For The Better

Changing Young Lives Foundation is dedicated to
rewriting the life stories of thousands of
underprivileged children and marginalized youth in
Hong Kong and the Mainland every year by providing
them with 100% free of charge centre-based and
outreach programs in education, talent development
and self-empowerment, unleashing their potential
to maximize their opportunities at school and
work, and inspiring them to live their life to the


Our heritage harks back to the 1950s when it was
part of the International Save The Children
Alliance. Registered as a Hong Kong charitable
organization in 1996 and left the Alliance in 2006,
we renamed to Changing Young Lives Foundation
to focus and expand on our services in Hong Kong
and the Mainland since then.

Our Mission
We serve underprivileged young people in Hong Kong and
the Mainland and strive to change their lives for the better.
We support and inspire them to work towards a better life
through educational and developmental programs which
nurture the mind, body and spirit. We help them acquire the
knowledge and skills they need to realize their full potential
and lead happy and productive lives. We work in the spirit of
the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
and we promote these rights on our services.

Our Vision
Our vision is of a world where children of all ages are
protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation and kept
safe at all times, where they have shelter, food, health care
and education. These are the basic requirements for the
sound development of all children. We see our young people,
who are at risk or disadvantaged, trusting and believing in
themselves and feeling good about who they are and all the
great things they can do. We see them exploring and realizing
their talents and abilities to the fullest, and having the
self-assurance and courage to reach out for their dreams.

Message from Chairman

With the unprecedented and prolonged turmoil that has hit
Hong Kong in recent months, 2019 is turning out to be Hong
Kong’s own annus horribilis. With citywide unrest and with
many young people leading many of these increasingly violent
government protests, it is imperative that Changing Young
Lives Foundation continues steadfastly in its mission and
reaches out to even more of our youths.
Central to what we do is to nurture the mind, body and spirit of
the children we serve - to address gaps in their knowledge and
skills to help them reach their potential, to raise their self-esteem,
to inspire them to reach for their dreams and give back to
society, and to enrich their lives in all respects. Programs such
as Empower and Discover provide year-round educational and
development activities in our Learning Centre, while Harmonize
focuses on family relationships and Brain Box addresses the
needs of children with learning difficulties. We have also
introduced more youth outreach services in recent years to
complement our signature Community Chest Slam Dunk
Challenge, including the Art to Heart program providing art
therapy to emotionally vulnerable youths and the Y.E.S.
program providing career development and employability
enhancement support for local sub-degree students and
graduates. I am pleased to report that, over the past year, our
Foundation has reached almost 4,000 Hong Kong underprivileged
children in our centre-based programs and served over 2,000
youngsters in our outreach programs.
In the Mainland, we continue to help schools and children in
targeted rural areas in Qinghai, Gansu and Guangxi, serving
over 6,000 children in these areas. We supported and
sponsored 28 project schools and undertook several worthwhile
projects, including the expansion and continuation of the Spring
Blossom Scholarship Scheme for 140 girls aged 8 to 16 living
in rural Gansu, an English Teacher Support project in Qinghai,
and a Social Worker Program for left-behind children in Gansu.
We are very grateful for the ongoing support of our corporate
partners, individual donors, Council, Board of Advisors, volunteers,
as well as the non-profit organizations we work with. Their
generous and inspiring contributions allow us to work tirelessly
to ensure that our transformational programmes continue to
benefit the children we serve and change their lives for the
It is with great pleasure that I present the Changing Young
Lives Foundation’s annual report. My appreciation and thanks
go to all who make our work possible.
Sheilah Chatjaval, Chairman

Our Governance 2018 - 2019 (as of




Honorary Chairman

Mrs. Sheilah Chatjaval

Honorary Chairman

Dr. Eleanor Wong, OBE, DSSc, JP

Honorary Deputy

Mrs. Yvette Ho


Mr. Andrew Brandler

Honorary Secretary

Miss Bonnie Wong, CSDSM

Honorary Treasurer

Dr. Chow Chun Bong, BBS, JP

Mr. Michael T.P. Sze, FCA, LLM

Dr. Lo Ka Shui, GBS, JP
Mr. Alasdair Morrison

Honorary Members

Dr. Steven Chow
Mr. Martin Spurrier
Ms. Denise Ho
Mr. Jim Thompson, GBS

Mr. Thomas Ho

Mr. Michael Wu
Ms. Jane Chao-Lee

Dr. Vincent Lee

Ms. Marjorie Yang, GBS, JP

Mr. Arthur Leung

Dr. Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP
Honorary Auditor

Ernst & Young

Honorary Legal Advisor

Angus Forsyth & Co

Executive Director

Ms. Caribbean Chan

Mr. Howard Ling, MH
, MH
Mr. James Louey

Mrs. Angie Ting


Our Service Users (Hong Kong)
2018 - 2019

Centre-based Service

Outreach Service

No. of Service Users



No. of Service Sessions



Total No. of Service Users (Attendance)

Total No. of Service Sessions





Age of Service Users
Centre-based Services

Age 13-18


Age 1-5

Outreach Services

Age 19-24





Age 11-18

Age 6-12

Financial Background of
Centre-based Service Users



CSSA Receipients


Other Background of
Centre-based Service Users

Special Educational Needs




Low Income

Single Parent

Mainland Immigrants


Referred by Social Workers


Our Centre - 10th Anniversary

Since setting up in Pak Tin Estate in 2009, our Madam T. Y. Wong (Alee Vee) Centre has been providing 100%
free-of-charge equal learning and self-empowerment opportunities to underprivileged children and young people in Shek
Kip Mei and Sham Shui Po districts. Besides all-round support in academic advancement, talents development, sports
training and experiential learning, our Centre offers early learning opportunities for pre-school children, capability
enhancement training for children with special educational needs and parental support to families in need.

Our centre is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019. Over the years, we have established various core centre-based
services, and at the same time explored pilot programs to meet the ever changing needs in the community. Pak Tin Estate
is under redevelopment and our centre will be relocated to the same neighbourhood in 2020. With the new facilities, we

look forward to expanding our service scopes and capacity to support more underserved youngsters and their families.




10 Years in Changing Young Lives Foundation (CYLF)

Fu Wing joined CYLF when the Centre was just set up in
Pak Tin. Suffered from asthma, his parents believed that
martial arts would benefit his health and Wing has
become our Martial Arts student since then.
With distinguished potential in martial arts and exceptional
perseverance, Wing represented CYLF in numerous open
competitions and received remarkable results. The
years-long martial arts training not only boosted up his
health and self-confidence, but also fostered his passion
for sports and a tough mind for realizing his own dream.


Fu Wing is 21 years old now and majoring in Sport and Recreation Studies at
the Hong Kong Baptist University. He
was granted the Elite Sport Scholarship
as a Dragon Boat junior athlete in 2019.
He decided to defer his studies for a year
to undergo full time training and be a
representative of the HKSAR Dragon
Boat Team for international competitions.
By providing equal learning opportunities
to unlock under-resourced youngsters’
boundless potentials and broaden their
life horizon, CYLF will continue to work
tirelessly to inspire more children and
young people to live their life to the


Hong Kong Services

Centre-based Programs





Outreach Programs

The Community Chest Slam Dunk Challenge

SHKP “Art to Heart” Expressive Arts Therapy Program

Y.E.S. - Youth Employability Support




In Hong Kong, one in five children are living in poverty*
who have no or very limited resources to get access to
extra-curricular learning opportunities even though
studies have proven that extra-curricular activities play
significant roles in school performance, personal
development and upward mobility in the long run.
To broaden the learning exposure and life horizon of
under-resourced children to maximize their opportunities
at schools and life, all-round support to nurture their
mind, body and spirit by addressing gaps in their knowledge
and skills is crucial.
EMPOWER is a multi-intelligence program dedicated to
empowering children from underprivileged backgrounds
for their all-rounded and whole-person development in
intellectual, artistic, musical, physical and social capacities
through Academic Support, Talent Development, Sports
Training and Experiential Learning Activities. The knowledge,
skills and positive attitudes learnt from the program not
only equip them for whole personal development, but also
help foster some of the desirable personality traits that
would benefit them along their life journey.
In 2018 to 2019, EMPOWER provided 2,273 service
sessions to 2,583 children aged 6 to 14.

Ms. Bianca Cheng




In response to the soaring demand on supportive services
for children with special educational needs (SEN) across
the underprivileged communities, in 2012, Changing
Young Lives Foundation launched BRAIN BOX program
offering free sensory-integration, speech and cognitive
training to under-served children aged 3 to 9 assessed
with or suspected of SEN or learning difficulties.
Sensory integration training improves the brain functions
in receiving and processing information from the environment,
and making appropriate adaptive responses, ultimately to
enhance attention, emotional control, body coordination,
study performance and social behaviour. Speech therapy
training strengthens children’s abilities in language and
communication, whilst cognitive training further improves
their comprehension and social skills.
For a more all-round support to children with SEN and
their families, the program complements the service with
academic support, multi-intelligence and physical
development to unleash their boundless potential, and
parental support to help navigate the challenges in raising
children with special needs at home.
In 2018 to 2019, BRAIN BOX provided 1,812 service
sessions to 269 children and 108 parents.



Early childhood education lays the foundation for lifelong learning abilities, providing
a strong base for a child’s cognitive and social development.
DISCOVER promotes the importance of early learning opportunities for children
aged 1 to 5 from underprivileged background. Focusing on the different developmental
stages of children, the program introduces a range of “learning through playing”
activities including physical, music, art, language, social as well as emotional training.
Children can explore, imagine, create and interact during the learning process.
Young children can acquire age-appropriate abilities through regular and repeated
learning. Children with developmental dysfunction or delay can also be identified at
an early age for timely intervention.
In 2018 to 2019, 180 children and 93 parents benefited from the program.





Family is the bedrock of a person. Family harmony is crucial for incubating personal
growth, holistic wellbeing and positive value, especially for young family members.
HARMONIZE is a family-based program accentuating the benefits of support, care,
respect, share and communication - elements that are essential for facilitating
parent-child bonding and family harmony. By participating in interactive parent-child
activities, parental support and self-empowerment groups, family members are
united with trust, attachment and sense of intimacy.
In 2018 to 2019, a total of 240 children and 464 parents benefited from the


The Community Chest Slam Dunk Challenge






challenges and stresses arising from schools,
families, peers, and society. A strong willpower is
indispensable for overcoming difficulties and
breaking through obstacles. Sports can strengthen
the physique, as well as the mind, which is an
essential element for adolescent development.
The Community Chest Slam Dunk Challenge
offers basketball training and tournament,
community services, leadership training, multi-intelligence and life planning workshops to over
500 youth each year to foster their sportsmanship,
team spirit, civic responsibility, decision making
ability and self-confidence. The program encourages
participants to explore their boundless potential,
set and pursue their personal goals.
With the theme “Broadening your Horizon, Serving
the Community” in 2018 to 2019, the program
featured a range of training workshops in sports
injury prevention, athletic taping, as well as fall
prevention, fitness assessment and exercise for
elderly. These valuable experiences not only
enriched participants’ knowledge of athletic
injuries and career options related to sports, but
also equipped them with practical skills to serve
the senior citizens across the community.
In 2018 to 2019, 548 youngsters aged 13 to 18
participated in this program.



SHKP “Art to Heart” Expressive Arts Therapy Program

Expressive arts therapy is a form of psychotherapies.
Conventional psychotherapies rely on conversations
between client and therapist while expressive arts
therapy applies nonverbal communications to foster
healing and wellbeing. By employing various art
modalities - body movement, drawing, painting,
sculpting, music and writing in a supportive setting,
expressive arts therapy is a creative yet effective
approach to facilitate mood expression and stress
In view of the deteriorating emotional wellbeing of
youngsters in Hong Kong and to promote the importance
of mental wellbeing at schools, Changing Young
Lives Foundation launched the “Art to Heart”
Expressive Arts Therapy Program in 2015 to reach
out secondary students across the territories. Over
the years, more than 500 emotionally at-risk youth
have benefited from the program.
As means for early intervention and long-term





school-based program focuses on challenges such
as academic pressure, career prospect, family
relationship, peer interaction, sociability and
self-image etc. that adolescents commonly face
today. Led by registered expressive arts therapists,
students are encouraged to express their feelings,
moods and values through art creations. The
process is proven to be helpful for alleviating stress
and channeling negative emotions in a safe way.
In 2018 to 2019, the program provided 151 sessions
of therapeutic workshops to 194 secondary school
students aged 11 to 19 who were identified as in
need of emotional enhancement support.



Y.E.S. - Youth Employability Support

In Hong Kong, young graduates with non-degree qualifications or without professional training could easily get lost along the
career path and fall into the vicious cycle of unstable employment which eventually sabotages their social mobility in the long run.
Addressing the value of human capital, Y.E.S. aims to support the employability needs of local sub-degree students from
under-resourced background and help improve their competitiveness by enhancing their workforce readiness.
Through a series of career seminars, self-improvement workshops, learning visits, internship opportunities, job placements, job
coaching and on-the-job training, participants can equip themselves with up-to-the-trend job market information and hands-on
soft skills that are helpful for navigating the workplace challenges.
In 2018 to 2019, a total of 577 young people aged under 24 took part in the program.



Mainland Services


“Spring Blossom” Scholarship Scheme

School Social Worker Project for
Left-behind Children


Temporary Teacher Support Project



“Spring Blossom” Scholarship Scheme

Dongxiang in rural Gansu province is one of the most

In 2018, with vision to help end poverty and illiteracy for

deprived autonomy counties and one of the least literate

Dongxiang’s next generation, the program was extended

ethnic minority regions in China.

to support orphans and boys from extremely impoverished
families as well.

Due to financial burden and culture, Dongxiang girls
usually get marry at very young age and most dropped

In 2018 to 2019 school years, a total of 140 Dongxiang

out of school before completing primary education. To

children (136 girls and 4 boys) aged 8 to 16 benefited from

encourage the parents to support the schooling of their

the program.

daughters, in 2017, Changing Young Lives Foundation
launched the “Spring Blossom” Scholarship Scheme
to subsidize Dongxiang girls continuing their studies.
Through better education, girls are empowered to change
their destiny and seize a better future.


Project Hope of Cornell University


Gansu School Social Worker Project for Left-behind Children

Left-behind children are children who remain living in rural

Since 2016, “School Social Worker Project” has been

regions while their parents are forced to leave villages for

providing extracurricular and counselling support to

cities in search of jobs. Even though they are taken care by

left-behind children in Dongxiang, Gansu. The project

grandparents or relatives, many of these children face

aims to enrich the school life of students and attend to

developmental and emotional issues as a result of the

their needs in personal growth and psychological well-being.

limited interaction with their biological parents. The lack of
parental support leads to challenges like quality education,
physical well-being and healthy social relationships.


In 2018 to 2019, the project served 1,078 children from
12 schools.


Qinghai Temporary Teacher Support Project

To help alleviate the issue of teacher shortage in rural Qinghai, Changing Young Lives Foundation had supported this project in
Xunhua County since 2013, and expanded the number of partner schools from 4 to 16 in 2018. With more teaching manpower,
the schools were able to run regular English classes and develop extra-curricular reading activities to widen the learning scope
of their students.
In 2018 to 2019, the project benefited a total of 4,957 students in Qinghai.



Changing Young Lives Foundation 2018 Charity Gala

Changing Young Lives Foundation (CYLF) 2018 Charity Gala
was successfully held at Conrad Hotel on 11 November 2018
with over 350 supporters attended.
With the theme ‘Prom Night’, the evening was filled with
heart-warming stories and talented performances by
children from CYLF Learning Centre and Young Ambassador
Program to epitomize our vision of an inclusive community
among children from different backgrounds.



Changing Young Lives Foundation
Civic Leadership Awards 2018

Mr. Jim Thompson, GBS and Mrs. Sally Thompson
2018 “Civic Leadership Awards” Recipients in the Philanthropy Category

With the vision of engaging more social innovators to join
hands to strive for the welfare of young people, and to
accentuate the importance of civic engagement and
leadership in children’s causes, Changing Young Lives
Foundation inaugurated the “Civic Leadership Awards” in
2017 to acknowledge community leaders who have made
outstanding and important philanthropic contributions to
children and education in Hong Kong.


In 2018, the Awards went to Mr. Jim Thompson, GBS and
Mrs. Sally Thompson to honour their dedications to children
philanthropy; and Dr. Alman Chan Siu Cheuk for his visionary
insight in education.

Dr. Alman Siu-cheuk Chan
2018 “Civic Leadership Awards” Recipient in the Education Category


Corporate Partners


In 2018 to 2019, over 650 corporate volunteers devoted
more than 2,000 volunteering hours to help make a different
to the children served by us. Thank you!


2018 - 2019 Financial Summary
This summary is based on Changing Young Lives
Foundation's financial statements for the year ended 31
March 2019. The full audited financial statements by
Ernst & Young are available on our website

Fiscal Year Income Sources
2018 Charity Gala

Program Sponsorships



Donation &
Other Fundraising Events

Bank Interest &
Other Incomes



Total income



Fiscal Year Expenditure
Service Expenses

Hong Kong Services

63.7 %



Mainland Services


8.3 %

18.4 % 9.3 %

Centre Operation Costs


Depreciation & Other Expenses

Administration Costs


Fundraising Events Expenses
(including Charity Gala)



Total expenditure

Surplus of the Year


All surplus for the year is transferred to the general reserve for supporting future service development.


2018 Charity Gala
Mr Evan Auyang
Mrs Virginia Auyang
Ms Karena Belin
Dr John Boey
Ms Annabelle Bond
Ms Olivia Buckingham
Ms Alanna Chan
Mrs Celine Chan
Mr John Chan
Ms Rosanna Chan
Mr Chan Yat Sing Charles
Ms Angela Chang
Mr Chang Kwun Long
Ms Joan Chao
Mrs Sheilah Chatjaval
Ms Dorothy Chau
Mr Evan Chen
Mrs Helen Chen
Mr Adrian Cheng
Ms Bianca Cheng
Ms Cecilia Cheng
Ms Cheng Hoi Yan
Miss Jacqueline Cheng
Mr Jason Cheng
Ms Julian CL Cheng
Ms Michelle Cheng
Mr & Mrs Moses Cheng
Miss Vena Cheng
Mr Vincent Cheng
Ms Viola Cheong
Mrs Joanna Cheung
Mr Patrick Cheung
Mr Cheung Wing Hon
Mr Duncan Chiu
Mrs Maria Chiu
Mrs Natalie Chiu
Ms Yolanda Choy
Ms BeBe Pui Ying Chu
Mr Lawrence Chu
Mrs Natalie Chu
Ms Christine Chuang
Ms Lancy Chui
Mr Desmond Chum
Ms Olivia Davies
Ms Judith Dirkin
Mrs Catherine Doo
Mr Arne Eggers
Mr Douglas Fang
Ms Florence
Ms Eliza Fok
Ms Deidre Fu
Mr George Fung
Mr Michael Fung
Ms Odile Gaspari
Ms Ha Kit May
Mr Donald Hay
Mr Ken Hitchner
Ms Amanda Ho
Mr Christopher Ho
Ms Daisy Ho
Ms Denise Ho
Ms Ho Kit Ling
Mrs Linda Ho
Mr Norman Ho
Mr Patrick Ho
Mr Thomas Ho
Mrs Yvette Ho
Mrs Alice Hosie
Ms Flora Huang
Mr Charles Hui
Mr Sherman Hung
Mrs Andrea Ip
Mr Christopher Ip
Mrs Vicky Ji
Ms Shirley Jin
Mrs Andrea Kee
Mr Standford Kho
Mr James Ku
Ms Agnes Kwan
Mrs Ingrid Kwok

Ms Karen Kwok
Dr Simon Kwok
Dr Ava Kwong
Ms Felicia Lai
Mr Philip Lai
Ms Anita Lam
Mr Bally Lam
Ms Clara Lam
Mr John Lam
Ms Lena Lam
Dr Lam Man Chan
Ms Mariana Lam
Mr Mark Lam
Mrs Nina Lam
Ms Vinnie Lam
Ma Gerald Lau
Ms Lisa Lau
Ms Sandy Lau
Ms Lau Suk Yee
Ms Shera Law
Ms Diana Lee
Mr Dominique Lee
Ms Georgina Lee
Mrs Gisa Lee
Mrs Magdalena Lee
Mr & Mrs Samuel Lee
Mr Sherman Lee
Mrs Jane Chao-Lee
Mrs Carina Ho-Lee
Mr Kit Low Leong
Mr Arthur Leung
Mr Hugo Leung
Mr Jerome Leung
Ms June Leung
Mr Leung Ka Hei
Mrs Karen Leung
Dr Norman Leung
Mrs Sally Leung
Miss Antonia Li
Ms Bonnie Li
Ms Clara Li
Ms Erica Li
Mr Garrie Li
Mr John K H Li
Ms Rebecca Li
Ms Reggie Li
Dr Walton Li
Mr Philip Liao
Ms Denise Lo
Dr Lo Ka Shui
Mr Ramon Lo
Mr James Louey
Mrs Jane Louey
Mr Jeremy Louey
Mr Bryant Lu
Ms Xiaoyu Lu
Ms Alice Ma
Ms Caroline Ma
Ms Esther Ma
Mr Fred Ma
Mrs Joyce Ma
Mrs Lisa Ma
Ms Michelle Ma
Mr Patrick Ma
Mrs Renee Ma
Mr Theodore Ma
Ms Sara Mao
Mr Matthew McAfee
Ms Mauraeer Miao
Ms Betty Mok
Ms Louise Mon
Ms Cynthia Mong
Mr Daryl Ng
Ms Florence Ng
Mrs Amy Ho Ngai
Ms Estelle Nugeron
Ms Lingo Ong
Mr Derrick Pang
Ms Gigi Pang
Mrs Rita Lee Pang

2018 -2019 Corporate Partners
Mr Punit Patel
Mr Danny Paterson
Ms Helena Pong
Mr Paulo Pong
Mrs Sonia Pong
Ms Paula Rego, DBE
Mrs Evan Sarkis
Ms Ellen Shek
Ms Samantha Shek
Ms Eva Shum
Ms Wendy Shum
Ms Song Bi Hua
Ms Anna Suen
Dr Alfred Tam
Mr Simon Tam
Mr Hamilton Tang
Mrs Ming Tang
Mr Sherman Tang
Miss Tiffany Tang
Ms Tang Yuen Wing
Ms Tao Hsu Hwa
Mr Ronald Tham
Mr Jim Thompson
Mrs Sally Thompson
Mr James Tien
Ms Lavina Tien
Mrs Mary Tien
Mrs Angie Ting
Ms Fifi Ting
Mr Ivan Ting
Mr Kenneth Ting
Mrs Nancy Ting
Ms Peggy Tong
Ms Sharie Ross Tse
Ms Tso Po Ping
Mr Tsoi Yiu Ting
Mr Michael Tung
Mr Jeremy Wai
Ms Cecilia Wang
Ms Jennifer Wang
Mr Nan Wang
Mr Kenzo Watari
Ms Connie Wei
Mr James Wolf
Mrs Laura Wolf
Ms Bewla Wong
Mrs Christine Wong
Dr Eleanor Wong
Mr David Wong
Mr Jason Wong
Mrs Sandra Wong
Mrs Tin Yan Wong
Mr Darrin Woo
Ms Nora Woo
Mr Jason Wu
Mr Mike Wu
Ms Vicky Xu
Mr Yang Di
Ms Jessica Yang
Ms Yang Jin Hee
Ms Carol Yau
Ms Karen Yau
Ms Kiki Yau
Mr Sino Yau
Mr Gordon Yen
Ms Agatha Yeung
Mr David Yeung
Ms Rebecca Yeung
Ms Susanna Yeung
Mr Chlorophyll Yip
Mr Stephen Yip
Ms Cynthia Yu
Mr Yu King Hin
Ms Laetitia Yu
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