‫مؤسسة تقنية االنسياب للتجارة لتموين املواد الصناعية‬
Technical Beacons for Trading For industrial Supply

Copper Anti Seize Pastes, MoS2 Assembly Pastes, Silicones,
Contact Cleaners, 5-In-1 Maintenance Sprays, Zinc Cold
Galvanize, Synthetic Gear & Chain Oils, Cleaners / Degreasers,
Adhesive Chain Oil, NSF Registered Food Grade Greases, Oil
Field Lubricants

CRC (Belgium & US) MRO Chemical
CRC Co Contact Cleaner , Lectra Clean (Degreaser) , Welding Spray (Anti
Spatter Spray ,CRC Crick 110/120/130(DPC Kit) , Silicon Spray, Dry Lube ,
Chain Spray , EP-2 Grease , Food Grade Grease , Hand Cleaner , Paint Marker
, CRC5-56 (Specialty Multi-Purpose Lubricant Spray –Similar to WD40),
Corrosion Protection (Long &Short Term), Cleaners/Degreasers, Lubricants,
Welding & Molding Products, CRC 2-26 (Moisture Remover Spray)

Moly slip – Copa slip
Metal Working Fluid Anti-Seize Compound Maintenance Grease & General
Lubricants Oil & Gas Lubricants Wire Rope Lube
Specialty Lube Paste / Compound/Paste Alternative of Molykote / Rocol /
OKS Paste :- Copper/Silver/Nickel Paste ASTC :- Anti Seize Thread
Compound A130 – Metal Free Paste White Soild Paste, Chuck Paste, Drill
Hammer Paste, and much more. Anti-Friction Coating, Graphite Grease,
Mos2 Based Assembly Compound , Grease

Molykote– Dow Corning (USA)
JB-Weld – World Strongest Bond
The J-B Weld Company is an international company that produces
epoxy products. A specialized, high-temperature epoxy adhesive for
use in bonding materials together.
Epoxy & Adhesive, Epoxy Putty Sticks, Instant Adhesive, Silicon Sealant
& Adhesive Specialty Adhesive, Thread locker.

Specialty Industrial Lubricants Paste 1000 , CU-7439 , D , DX , GN Grease :- 41
, 33 (L/M ) , 44 (M) , 55 O Ring , 1102 , 3452 , BG 20 , BG 555 , BR2 Plus
Compound :- 111 , DC4 , 340 Coating :- D321R , PTFE-UN Dispersion :- MKL-N ,
M-30 , M55

Water finding paste (For testing for the presence of water at the bottom of
fuel storage tanks) Gasoline Gauging paste.
For testing for the presence of miscible water in Bio-Ethanol / Gasoline
blends. Suitable only for use with Reformulated and Oxygenated Fuels, such
as Ethanol, MTBE, Ether, Etc



1-Component Adhesive and Sealants
(Anaerobic Adhesives & Sealants-WEICONLOCK),
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives – Contact.


2- Component Adhesive and Sealants (Plastic Metal, Repair Sticks, Epoxy Adhesives)
Elastic Adhesive and Sealants (MS-Polymers, Silicones, and Contact Adhesive)
Technical Sprays and Liquids (Surface and anti-corrosion coating, Cleaner and Degreaser,
Protection and Care, Solvents and Release agents, Lubricating and multifunctional oils,
Adhesive Lubricants, Grease, Assembly, Adhesive)
Assembly pastes and lubricants (Anti-Seize, Allround Lubricant)

NOVEL – Surface Treatments
Novel Surface Treatments the leading Suppliers of Pickling Passivation
chemicals for Stainless Steel, Pickling Paste Gel, Welding Anti Spatter.
Eco-friendly Safe Degreasing, Cleaning and Rust Prevention chemicals.

Hylomar– Non-Setting Jointing Compounds
Hylomar manufactures a wide range of high performance
sealants and adhesives used by some of the leading OEM’s
in the world of automotive, aerospace, white goods, power
generation/distribution, electronics/photonics and general

Magnaflux (UK)-NDT Chemical
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Consumables, Equipments & Accessories MPI
:- Black Ink , White Contrast Paint DPI :- Cleaner , Developer , Penetrant
Equipment :- Yoke , and Black Light

‫مؤسسة تقنية االنسياب للتجارة لتموين املواد الصناعية‬
Technical Beacons for Trading For industrial Supply

Rust converter and remover

‫مزيالت و محوالت الصدأ‬
‫تتميز تقنية اإلنسياب بأنها من أهم الوكالء و املوزعني املعتمدين ومزود رئييس ألفضل املواد الصناعية و الكيميائية املستخدمة للصيانة و االصالح و‬
‫التشغيل و من أجود و اكرب الرشكات املوثوقة عامليا‬
‫لدينا فريق عمل متميز من املتخصصني ، مستعدين لتفهم وتلبية احتياجات العمالء يف تأمني مختلف املواد مثل : الزيوت و املركبات و مواد التشحيم‬
‫الغذائية و العادية و املتخصصة – االيبوكسات و املعاجني، املنظفات و مزيالت )الشحوم و الزيوت و الصدأ(، مواد الحامية و املواد املانعة للترسب و‬
‫املواد الالصقة – املواد الكيميائية الخاصة بالفحص وغريها‬
Technical Beacons for trading is one of the most important agents and authorized distributors, a major provider of the best industrial
and chemical materials used for maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) from the finest and largest reliable companies in the world.
We have a talented team of specialists, ready to provide solutions and meet the needs and requirements of customers in getting
various materials such as: oils & Lubricants, compounds and Greases (General purpose / Food Grade / Special Application / Anti Seize),
epoxies and putties, Cleaners / Detergents / Removers & Converters (grease, oils and rust), Corrosion & Welding Protection Solutions.
Sealants and adhesives, inspection chemicals and more.
We provide delivery and shipping to all cities of the Kingdom through our partners and in reasonable time.

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