Booklet on Gateway to Trucial states - Sharjah


The nomination is based on the historical significance of Sharjah in
determining security conditions in international trade and transport. Sharjah is
located in the northeast of the Arab Peninsula on the south coast of the Arab
Gulf along one of the oldest international maritime routes. This area is
especially important for Dong-West cultural links.
The earliest living environment in the area (Jebel Faya) was 125,000 years ago,
when Ms. Homo Sapiens began to move from Africa to Eurasian continents. At
the end of the 18th and early 19th century, the political situation in the region
was complicated, many actors involved: Saudi, Oman, Persians and many
European governments, in particular Portugal, France and England people.
The main qualities of assets relate to events and ideas that lead to the education
and development of peat local countries.
different components of the declaration of bear-nominated bears with the
development of the region in the 19th and 20th centuries, ie the extremely state
level. In the 1720s, the QawaSim family appeared as an important factor in the
development of the region. They dominated the peninsula of Musandam as well
as more than a part of the Persian coast, creating a functional connection to the
Hormuz-Straiguza, which is important for international commercial connections
between East and West.
By the end of the 18th century and early 19, the political situation of the olive
rulers with French forces and he became complicated. QAwasim, opposition,
accused the copyright infringement. This leads to the attacks of the BritishIndian fleets on the properties of Qawasim in 1809 and 1819. Therefore, a
ceasefire agreement was involved in 1820 by other Sheikh's region, established a
basis for strengthening maritime peace in the Gulf and the form Kern on
truthful states. Through this phase, his presence in the Gulf ensures the referee
who encourages local Sheikh to avoid conflicts. However, it is necessary to
complement the initial ceasefire agreement with the next contracts, in particular
the permanent contract of maritime peace in 1853. At this time, TRUC Luong
nations were merged as a political unit where the territory was ruled because
Qawasim was most prominent in economic and commercial development. His
fleets were rebuilt and increased, and the destroyed cities of Sharjah, Ras Al
Khaimah and Lengehalten were rebuilt.

Sharjah loves to grow more by integrating in cultural territory that provide the
necessary resources and backgrounds. In this territory there are traditional
communication systems and traditional ways that are provided with the
protection of the fortress and the guards. After the Second World War, the
British also founded a group of taxes, TrUC-LAM scenargaries to maintain land
to maintain peace.
The 20th century was marked with the introduction of modernity in various
forms, including an international civil airport in Sharjah 1932 and oil research,
which led to a further development and a reinforced international situation of
the region. In addition, modern health and social equipment such as schools and
telecommunication systems are built. In the 1950s, administrative limits were
identified in the 1950s. In the 1960s, his urban planner was invited to support
the growing development planning of Sharjah. This is the beginning of a new
era, has also made aware of the attention to the cultural and conservative salary.


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