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Abhishek Maniktala, THAC Community Member, Delhi
Anjali Chawla, Delhi, 9810065085
Shraddha Oza, Bangalore, 9007778275
Shilpy, Mumbai
Zainab, Mumbai, 9833751393
Isha Kinger, Mumbai
Preeti Athri, Mumbai
Tasneem Allana, Mumbai
Shamitha Srinivasan, Mumbai
Amit Mittal, Mumbai
Seema Lamba, Mumbai
Rhituparna Mitra, Mumbai
Amestrice Talati, Mumbai
Archana Pai, Mumbai
Rajni S Dassgupta
Kamaljeet, Mumbai
Kamaljeet, Mumbai
Joanita Figueiredo

Abhishek Maniktala, THAC Community Member, Delhi
Age : XX
I would like to write about my tryst with COVID for the benefit of others who might gain some
It started with fever, and never having had fever in the past 2 decades, I knew it had to be
COVID. Only to curb my curiosity we got the tests done, and it came out positive for me and my
wife, and others at home.
After consulting THAC, I went totally raw, and my fever went away in a day, although moderate
coughing continued. I was on total raw for the first 3 days, with increased sunning, deep
breathing and total rest. Thereafter I started having vegetable soups, in addition to a total raw
diet otherwise. All this went quite easy as I never had to curb my hunger and my appetite was
lost, which I now understand was a deliberate action of the body. Also, I almost slept throughout
the day for the first 2 days, and this was just in response to what my body asked me to do.
My coughing reduced in about 7 days, and is almost non existent today on the 15th day.
Never once did I have the inclination to take any medicine. My wife mirrored my journey, except
that she also had intermittent fever on 2-3 days, which we managed with placing tap water
soaked cloth on head, neck and stomach.
I am myself a witness to the difficulties faced by others in the family who chose to curb fever and
went on the standard Medical treatment for COVID.
Neither promoting nor denouncing vaccination, I still have something to ponder about: have
known people who have contracted COVID twice, even after taking 2 jabs, and the job of
antibodies production in me has already been done. So only a rhetoric am asking all: is there
still a need for vaccination, or is it just fear that I will inject? I really don’t know.

Anjali Chawla, Delhi, 9810065085
My son(26 years) came back from Goa after one week on Monday, 12th of April, isolated
himself on his arrival. A friend of his who was with him tested positive next day. My son
developed some symptoms on Thursday(by then 6 more from his group had tested positive) He
had dryness in his throat and slight body ache so got a test done on Saturday morning.
Saturday night he told me that he has 99 fever and definitely his report will be positive so I
should talk to a doctor and find out what the plan of action would be. I politely asked him how
about going the natural way? He bluntly refused and I respected his decision.
Sunday morning as expected his report was positive. No panic- I was in touch with THACforwarded them the prescription I got from the doctor and spoke to AV and I am so glad that she
so firmly told me that ask him to read about the medicines and he’s not putting these toxins in
his body as none of the medicine is for virus. Luckily another family friend who is a medical
doctor but believes in natural laws told me that let him go raw for 2 days and soak in sun, he will
be ok.
I was so relieved when Udai agreed. He didn’t go completely raw because he started feeling
hungry towards the evening so again with THAC’s advice I gave him soup and salad. Fever was
gone in a day. He had body ache and felt tired for couple of days but he was doing pretty ok.
I was not at all scared. It was also a journey for me to look after him and it was just love and
trust. I didn’t use any disposable crockery for him, I went couple of times to clean his room,
change his sheets. How could I abandoned him because he was Covid positive. I had asked AV
that his CT value is 14(very high viral load) so she had said that just go with the symptoms.
None of us (4 of us apart from my son) got any symptoms.
We both were booked to fly to the US on 6th of May as my daughter is going to have her second
baby beginning June and I needed to be with her.
So that was a matter of concern that if I get it then I can’t fly till I test negative.
But I just stayed positive in my mind. Udai tested negative on 30th and with travel restrictions by
the US it became pretty chaotic. I got my test done on 2nd evening and luckily flew out on same
night so we both have managed to reach here and quarantining for couple of days. Close... yet
so far. Respecting my daughters doctors decision to quarantine for 5 days.
Grateful to THAC for instilling this faith in me and respecting others decisions. We all are on our
own paths and may we keep getting rooted deeply into the natural laws. Each experience brings
in more faith


Thank you THAC

Shraddha Oza, Bangalore, 9007778275
After reading Renu’s post I was inspired to share my experience with covid recently , I have
completed three weeks of rest and observation on my body and mind
It was compulsory for me to attend the holi meet at my place of work 27 th March.I had two
glasses of thandai and was not aware that it had bhang in it. After reaching home in the evening
I felt heaviness in my head, felt drowsy, therefore went off to sleep, next day being a Sunday I
took things easy and just relaxed.
On Monday it was a holiday for holi therefore was at home. In the morning I had a sudden
feeling of severe body pain and felt the chills with rising temperature 101 F , thinking it’s the
after effect of bhang just relaxed and rested and had normal food. The next two days
experienced body ache and low temperature yet went to work, my colleagues said I didn’t look
too well therefore was asked to take a covid test. The covid test result was positive. I did not
expect therefore was in a shock for a minute, my second thought was to write to Anju. I wrote an
email to Anju ( THAC) and within half an hour I received a mail explaining how the body-deals
with viruses and what I need to do in this situation.
I was asked to take ginger lemon shots four times a day
Breathing exercises
Steam and application of ginger juice where there was pain.
Increase in fruits and vegetable juice.
To give the body space, time and the right material .
I did all the above as instructed , had full trust and faith on my body as well as Anju
Already four days had passed I started with the instructions from the fifth day.
There was a bitter taste in my mouth, had indigestion , chest felt heavy, slight cough , head
heavy, breathing was normal
On the seventh day my chest opened which had felt heavy. I could breath a full cycle , my head
felt lighter and I could work, eat and sleep well , my body temperature remained 99F for about
10 days. Eleventh day onwards I felt normal , no body ache , no bitter taste in my mouth could
feel the taste of food and was absolutely fine.
At one point of time I did get a bit anxious whether I was doing the right thing as many of my
friends and their family members were down with covid and were in a critical condition. I bought
an oximeter to check my oxygen level.
I did not give in to my anxiety but just kept observing my body with full trust just kept doing what
I was asked by THAC team .
I did not take a single medication and am absolutely fine .
I thanked my family who supported me through my journey of handling covid virus in a natural
way , it was not easy for them but they trusted me and THAC .

Shilpy, Mumbai
Sheila I know what you are feeling. I am observing so many non Thac people also who are
hesitant to take vaccines but because of not knowing the reality and uncertainty with how they
will face if COVID strikes them, they succumb to social and children’s pressures.
Children mostly pressurise only knowing that as the way, don’t want to feel guilty, think they
have insured parents by vaccinating them. However ground realities are different!
You have to ask yourself and your partner how comfortable you feel with your body.
In personal experience those who are taking care of themselves otherwise as well as if and
when COVID strikes (in continuous proper guidance with Thac), have recovered with minimal
symptoms without medicines.
So it’s really up to your faith in facts related to your body. How well connected and positive do
you feel about your body.
If you do feel confident that I am Currently taking great care and feeling good, and I will be able
to maintain my poise in what is to be done if at all it strikes, then you can lovingly but firmly deny
their requests. After all it is your body and no one but you get to choose.
If u don’t feel confident, use this time to ask yourself, why don’t I feel certain that I am and will
be able to support my body thru natural healing. Book an appointment with Thac (even if it takes
time to come) to understand what u can do to raise your level of health.
Taking the vaccine if you don’t want to - should come from a place of rational understanding
within you and not from doing what your children want you to do.
Also you should be able to Reassure your children that they should not worry about you. You
are taking best possible care of yourself and will face it well and anyway not get more than
minimal symptoms, if at all!
Meanwhile also have mental plan on how will you manage your life (in terms of support system)
if it is needed, so that you do not have to take help from children (if that is the one causing them
Hope this helps


Zainab, Mumbai, 9833751393
3 years ago, I came down with an upper respiratory tract infection. The symptoms were
absolutely similar to what covid symptoms are. At that point also I felt breathless. I kept saying I
. I was better in 3-4 days.
can’t breathe. But no one really gave it much acknowledgement
However the fatigue that hit me was crazy. I could only be mobile for 15 mins then I would have
to rest for an hour atleast. Right after that my husband had the same symptoms and he was
being so difficult because he didn’t want to give it time. So I had to forget about myself and help
him instead. My raw input continued. But more importantly the rest that I gave myself helped me
bounce back faster. This was also the first time that I acknowledged that my body had a
capacity of work for only 15-20 mins. And I respected that.
Chewing on soaked dry fruit really helps as well. But it can get monotonous. Noni in warm water
and Khajoori shots helped too


Isha Kinger, Mumbai
How to Care & Support during Covid
(From today's Thac Talk )

♥️ 🙏🏼♥️ 🙏🏼♥️ 🙏🏼

* We are all going to get COVID.
* When You get Covid - Say THANK YOU


* Your Body and Your Immunity knows what to do.
TRUST - that your body knows how to survive and evolve.

* Within 3 to 7 Days you will get out of it - with the right support and care.

🧘🏻‍♀️ 🥭 🍍 🧅 🍇 🥒 🍋 🍉 🍌 🛌🏻 🫂

* We boil water to kill germs.
Our body is 70% water.
Fever is a way for the body to kill the virus and keep the water system in our body clean.


* Fever, nausea, loss of smell, loss of taste, weakness - is all a way of the body supporting itself
through Covid.
Do not suppress these symptoms with antibiotics.
* You wear a Raincoat only when it rains. Otherwise it's not needed.
Similarly - Turmeric, Onion, Garlic, Neem be taken only when you have symptoms.


* NO need to take a covid test - if you have symptoms.
Take care of Yourself.
Do Not over burden the medical system - make it available for those who need it and are
severely affected.


* If you have Covid - follow the usual protocol of Natural Laws Reduce digestive load. Minimum cooked food.
Avoid grains.
High amount of fruits and raw veggies. Juices. Lemon shots.
Onion shots. Green shots.

😌 🧘🏻‍♀️ 🛌🏻

Rest. Sleep. Stay calm.
Movements of joints and gentle stretches. Deep breathing.

🫂 👍🏼 🥰

* Send the Message to yourself - ALL IS WELL.

Feelings of Love, Care, Connection and Support will automatically keep your Immunity High.
* Support and care for your loved ones if they have covid - the same way you would care for
them if they were sick with another illness.
Excessive isolation and separating everything is not needed.
* Children will also get covid and they will recover- just like when they get coughs and cold.
No need to isolate or social distance children.
Children need to have fun, play and feel love with their friends - which releases Oxytocin in their
bodies which increases their Immunity!

👶🏻 👍🏼♥️ 🫂


🧠 🫁 🫀 🫂 🛌🏻 🧘🏻‍♀️

As Dr Venkat used to say ...
Don't complain..
Just say


No matter what is happening.


Instead of worry, panic, anxietyLet's be in AWE
and MARVEL at what our bodies CAN DO ...


what our bodies are doing 24/7 to keep us alive and healthy !
Isn't it a miracle what our bodies can endure and survive?


By its very Design - our Bodies - Love, Care & Support us Unconditionally!
We are protected By Nature itself.
Fear and Immunity- our 2 weapons!

🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼

Preeti Athri, Mumbai
I had a very similar experience. Husband tested positive on 29 March. He isolated himself.
Immediately we amped up fruits, juices and raw for the entire family. On 1st, my younger son,
who was fine till 4.30pm, suddenly started crying at 5 saying he had terrible leg ache. He had a
temp by night. Next day my mother in law had a temperature. We immediately increased dates,
figs and noni. Both kid and MIL were tested positive by 4th. On 7, I went down purely due to
exhaustion and had excruciating backache. But thac has been helping a lot. Lemon shots were
constant. Cooked food was minimal. We were almost on our feet by second day. We continue to
eat raw. Apart from minor aches and pains (for me and MIL) we are completely fine. Amazing
guidance recd from thac.

Tasneem Allana, Mumbai
I was completely fine on 12th March upto 1pm. At 2.30pm my body suddenly crashed. It was
something I had never experienced. I had just finished my lunch. At 6pm I had 99 fever and at
11.30pm , 101. I was sure it was fatigue and not covid.
Next morning at 9am I had 101 fever again. Peculiar symptom with me was severe spinal cord
pain. I went on fruits and veggies juices immediately for 3 and 1/2 days . After sat 13th I was
completely asymptomatic, no cough, cold, fever. I did steaming regularly 3/4 times a day , had
lots of juices fruits....but there was weakness. Thac has been a guide for smallest of things and
in the most promt manner. Meditation , yoga nidra helped me a lot

Shamitha Srinivasan, Mumbai
Covid care Guidelines from Anju directly, for my close family members who were tested positive.
Sorry for the longish message.
Hope it helps anyone who has developed symptoms and who is willing to trust natural laws and
walk this path. My family members followed and they gained wellness and trust in body, in
return! They do not follow THAC directly though

😊 🌻 🙏🏻

“It is great how you want to support your family members and your trust in the body and Natural
This will definitely help them look at their body from this perspective. It is great that they are
As you know all symptoms are signals of the body communicating its needs.
Symptoms of fever, dry cough, body ache,lack of smell, fatigue is indicating that the body is
trying to keep the internal environment clean for not allowing the external virus to breed.
What we require to focus on is to support the body by giving inputs. Once the body receives the
input, it is able to be at its optimum.
All that they have started with is all good - fruits, cold pack, shots and sleep.
Also ask them to take 1tsp of onion shot with honey twice for 3 days. Onion shot is made by
grating onion and squeezing the juice out of it. This acts as an antibiotic.
Let them have lemon shot every 4 hours.
For your $£*%, if cough is bad, get her to chew on soaked raisins.
Let them keep their nourishment high by having something nourishing (fruits, dry fruits, raw, veg
juice) frequently.
They can make dates paste with lemon and ginger and have spoonful when there is cough or
3-4 times in the day.
Hope there is raw with cooked. In cooked let them avoid grain as it will help. They can have root
veggies, steamed veggies, sprouts etc.

Let them keep their immune surveillance minimal by warding off negative thoughts like fear and
anxiety. Fear and anxiety only keeps our immune surveillance high keeping us more susceptible
to virus.
Yes the allopathy has effects. Body has the capacity to handle yet they require to keep their
inputs high.
So more dry fruits, fruits, raw, sleep and rest. Add energizers like deep breathing. Little bit of
stretching, rotation of joints etc.
Trust this helps.

Amit Mittal, Mumbai
I was to post this in reply to Neelu’s msg where she lost a close person coz or covid but then
stopped posting the same:
“Yes i too have noticed the same n couple of my known people in close groups have had
Once a person is hospitalized all sorts of medication & injections are pumped in the body
making the body weak to gr8 extent. As we all know there are no specific or 100 % cure
available thru medicines. So every doc n hospitals are giving medicines as they seem to be
good - eg 9 tabs of Tamiflu with a whole lot of antibiotics & supplements to a patient in one day.
This is creating a huge load on liver & kidney & entire body n its organs. Rather den body being
able to do repair & building work, bodies entire energy is used to protect its self & get rid of toxic
residue caused by medicines. Thus people who are taking medicines & or getting hospitalized
they are taking much longer time to get ok & if they get better their stay is prolonged in hospitals
& even after their discharges the so called side effects of covid are seen in them for way longer
time. Fatalities are also there in most of the cases that are hospitalized.
I know couple of people (not associated to thac or any nauturopaths) who chose not to get
hospitalized even if their o2 level dropped below 95 & fought it with their own home remedies &
bounced back within 4-8 days including the age of above 70 years.
These people applied logic saying that if der are no medis what can a hospital do & cwhy load
the system.
But yes when we loose our near ones because or covid (i too have lost) one feels so helpless.
So many near & dear entire families are being tested +ve & even if they are asymptotic, about
12-18 tabs daily are given to them for period of 3-7 days & post taking medicines they start
getting weak & feel puky.
So yes this is the scenario & its getting worse

Seema Lamba, Mumbai
My son in Canada had covid , thanks to THAC he has recovered in 10 days without taking any
He stays alone in his apartment so with not much help he managed everything smoothly
It began with severe body pain which was unbearable and 100 degree temperature
Which stayed for 2 days then the symptoms changed to cold n cough & no fever
Then nausea for 2 days with no fever , he could barely do anything himself
After this it changed to pain n heaviness in chest , breathlessness 2 days with weakness
Now he is ok with some weakness
Original message forwarded on the group by RohanNeed to check with Rohan who shared this message) Above is a sharing by a friend who
attended 9 week thac workshop.
My son in Canada had covid , thanks to THAC he has recovered in 10 days without taking any
He stays alone in his apartment so with not much help he managed everything smoothly
It began with severe body pain which was unbearable and 100 degree temperature
Which stayed for 2 days then the symptoms changed to cold n cough & no fever
Then nausea for 2 days with no fever , he could barely do anything himself
After this it changed to pain n heaviness in chest , breathlessness 2 days with weakness
Now he is ok with some weakness
One of the mails shared by THAC . Before we reached out to them we had started with lemon
ginger shots / turmeric & honey / steam with cabbage leaves / soaked raisins & no grains
Then when symptoms changed to breathlessness we got bit worried - spoke to THAC and they
suggested warm water with turmeric / hot water bag on chest / chest expansion by lying on
bolster and deep breathing / date paste - lemon - ginger drink and it helped so much hay he was
ok in 2 days
His friends helped - got him home made veggie juice / salad / lemon juice / fruits etc
He managed making some stuff at home on his own also and now he is better makes me feel so
grateful to have THAC in my life

Rhituparna Mitra, Mumbai
I resonate with most of you in our strong urge to help a close family member and the feeling of
total helplessness. I have felt the pain and fought this out multiple times.
I will share my stories some other time as we are still reeling the loss of my FIL, due to Covid
(who was following the natural laws as much as he could and hated hospitalization).
Unfortunately, owing to his low oxygen levels, a doctor in the family hospitalized him. He fought
for 26 days, of which 18 days were on the ventilator!
My regret - I couldn't save him from the
hospitalization and its torture. But the family is much at peace that they tried everything they
could or that was possible.


I was just thinking to myself, that had an adverse incident happened at home, the family might
have regretted that they couldn't do much.
Through my meditation journey, I learnt that we are no one to judge or decide or act on behalf
of, anyone's journey. Each journey is divine in its own right. Death is pre-programmed and the
timing and the method is not for us to decide.
We (here) have been fortunate to land up with THAC's goodness/ wellness, but we are not
creators. We are simply nurturers. We can guide, inspire, act but never push down our wellness
Philosophy down into someone else's throat. It is as much disturbing for them as it is for us.
Each one has the right to choose how they want to suffer or not suffer. Which pain they want to
live or overcome.
Due to social conditioning, most people find it easier to visit the doctor, or hospital even though
they might not like the pain associated with it. Like we, the THAC followers, prefer the fever over
the paracetamol. It is a choice and it is completely okay.
Dr Venkat said - Wellness is Oneness. We cannot perhaps achieve wellness without finding a
deep connection with our ailing family members. Only then can the collective consciousness
thrive. It's not just the RAW and REST, it is about how we train our nervous system to respond
to a certain situation - in this case, illness.
Hope this gives you some solace.

Amestrice Talati, Mumbai
Gratitude to the universe
....Last Friday Rubin tested positive for covid. Only smell has gone. With Anju by my side I didn't
fear at all. Strong smells have returned like Vicks and eau de cologne.
....on his way back to lonavla his uber had an accident. The video of the car was disturbing. He
hasn't had a scratch Yezdi who every time we have a discord vows he'll never make veggie jcs as he's fed up of
seeing me make n drink. He's looking after Rubin making the juices now.


Archana Pai, Mumbai
Day 5
On the Path
Wellness Morning! Wish you all a very happy New Year. Love, light, laughter, health, harmony,
happiness, abundance, joy, grace.
After moving to Pune, it took us some time to adjust. To the peace and to the laidback lifestyle.
The weather was so amazing. No sweat, no heat. Cool climes. Life in the slow lane. Rest, sleep,
nature walks, birdwatching, greenery. Everything was beautiful. We missed our family and the
Mumbai buzz, but the bewitching beauty around us compensated for it. The relaxed schedule,
Anju's guidance - fruits, salads, pauses, deactivation, sunning, periodic switching off, body
awareness, discharge, rest and sleep began to heal me. My polyps receded, my sinusitis was
cured, and I reached menopause naturally.
Anand began work on clearing our land papers, and worked simultaneously on his health. He
will soon be diabetes medication-free.
Then came Covid. The walks stopped, the nutrition went haywire, there was no house help. I
had taken up editing jobs and my own novel which was complete but which needed chopping
and editing had to be relegated to the back-burner. We were all contributing to household work,
but these were trying times. My sinusitis has returned, and I am working on it now. The THAC
talks were godsend during this period. Since November, our house help has returned but there
is a huge backlog of work that I am dealing with. Some days are a struggle. Others are a
breeze. Like Anju mentioned in her fabulous talk, we are the only species that is performance
oriented. We do not perceive the ordinary as extraordinary. I have made huge mistakes along
the way, and also grown abd changed tremendously. I'm less judgmental, more accepting of
people and situations. I am more tolerant of mediocrity. I am still a work in progress. There is still
a lot that needs polishing and refining, but I'm okay with my flaws. Anju has taught me to be
kinder to myself. We still nurture our dream of organic farming, and though Covid-19 has
temporarily halted our process, we will eventually get there.
What helped me in my journey:
1) Learning to say no to work.
2) Expressing gratitude on waking up (I feel deeply grateful for being alive).
3) Prayer for energy, courage, strength, compassion to go through the day.
4) Stretching and taking 10 deep breaths.
5) Reading a page from an inspirational book.
6) Writing morning pages.
7) Observing the changing daily morning landscape.
8) Listening to birdsong.
9) Nature walks
10) Sunning
11) Pranayama
12) Surya Namaskars
13) Asanas/Stretches
14) Sudarshan Kriya




15) Chanting
15) Review and reflection at the end of the day
16) Eating raw with cooked food
17) Eating loads of fruits and salads
18) Doodling/Sketching/Painting
19) Reading journeys
20) Keeping busy notebooks
21) Checking my moods and feelings periodically
22) Consciously stopping myself when I get into what if scenarios
23) I used to be anal about cleanliness. Now, I am able to ignore the dust and not beat myself
up about it
Am I consistent? Not always. I do have a fairly set rhythm and routine, but I haven't to learn to
not be rigid about it. Some health glitches and I would be fearful. I am building on that faith.
There is a lot to learn and adopt.
I am indebted to you all, to my family friends, and to THAC. Love you all.
Have a wonderful year ahead!

🙏🏻❤️ 💐

Tasneem Allana
Hi friends. need to speak to someone urgently from thac. Whom can I call, Preeti is unavailable
I'm having covid symptoms
Borderline fever , bad headache, body ache especially lower back and spine since 3 pm , mild
throat ache

In case anyone from this groups has got / or near dear ones kindly help

Rajni S Dassgupta
Tasneem when contracted the virus in November, I stayed on fruits for two days and third
started little salads and one cooked meal followed by lemon shots. Had onion shots in between
too. Sun bathed daily for two hours and on ninth day my report was negative. I had to get the
check up done because I am working and my employer asked for it. Since I didn’t want to
spread the virus to my house helper I asked them not to come but I cooked washed utensils and
did other house hold chores. Nothing happened to my family members. Yes since I didn’t take
proper rest weakness stayed for almost 15-20 days. So rest is very important

Neena Ahluwalia, Mumbai
Hello friends...My husband is showing all the symptoms of Covid, high - low fever for last 5 days
, soar throat, loose motion, vomit, weakness...
Waiting for test reports
How to handle this?

Kamaljeet, Mumbai
Be calm, including provide him with lot of juices fruit and veg which ever is available and
convenient. Dates, lemon and ginger drink helps a lot. Steam is always good. Bit of pranayam,
Veer Aasan any kind of body movement whenever he is at ease, is helpful. In case if fever you
should give onion juice shots.
A fortnight ago, I had my encounter with infection and before testing I could sense that I am
going to be positive because for last three years I had not even suffered with cold. I have been
exposed in public since last year, but got caught this year. Team THAC’s guidance helped and
care from spouse helped me come out of it within few days and was negative in 6 days. For
fever take onion shots and keep ice pack. Steam helped me a bit to clear the sinus. Lot of rest.
Wish speedy recovery.

Neelima, Mumbai
Did anyone’s oxygen level dropped and if yes then what steps were taken for SPO2 levels and
increased pulse rate pl

Kamaljeet, Mumbai
Neelima, I didn’t bother to measure my temperature or o2. So the day i found myself positive at
work. i asked my temperature and it was 90degree. Another day in Feb at work, the medic was
worried when she saw my o2 @ 80. She shuffled the finger it was not changing then she
changed the hand it was fine. So I am not sure how reliable oximeters are. But the oxygen
levels going down is a real worrisome. I did feel short of breath at times but kept my regular
pranayaam, breathing exercises meditation and lying on tummy helped, during the period of
Preeti Athri, Mumbai
We ensured that we did deep breathing. I got great inputs from thac and Rhituparna. I could feel
mild pain in my lungs, but whenever I checked, my oxygen was always 98,99. Raisins n dates
were high during the period.

Joanita Figueiredo
You know when we were in hospital we would sometime(s) play with the oximeter as it was a
new toy 30 yrs ago and there would be difference with different fingers, with raised hand, with
hanging hand etc and also supine and prone position. Now I have seen difference with
Pranayams. So don't forget your daily Deep breathing exercises

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